Higuain is Going Nowhere!

January 7, 2010 at 6:27 pm | Posted in Vikingo News! | 2 Comments
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Like always when there is  a slow day over at Marca headquarters, they decide to stir the waters by slapping on their front page the headline: ‘Higuain for Cesc’. According to them Wenger wants Pipita in exchange for Cesc plus some cash. They continue saying that Wenger sees Pipita as the ideal player to partner up with Van Persie,  and Madrid might actually consider the deal if Arsenal put 35 million euros for the Argentine.

Marca then posted a poll on their site to see what the readers thought of the deal and a strong 88% said a hell no to the switch.  Pipita is a fan favorite and the idea of touching one of our best players is just blasphemy! No way, no how! The boy stays!

Continuing with Pipita, he spoke to UEFA.com and spoke about the year that was 2009 and how “the best is yet to come.”

“My favourite moments of 2009 were my debut with Argentina, qualifying to play in the 2010 World Cup and becoming Real Madrid’s top scorer. The last thing made me very happy. We are growing as a team this season.”

“I hope every game I play is the best in my career at that moment, but I believe my best performances have yet to come. I don’t care about whom we face. I just want Real Madrid to play well.”

“It would be beautiful to end my career on this team. Real Madrid and its city are my second home. It would be fantastic. I would like Madridistas to remember me as a humble and hard working person. People remember you better when you win titles and they recall how you used to play. I would like to be remembered as being a great person.”

“I would like to win both La Liga and the Champions League this year. I wish everyone to have good health, a job and happiness in 2010.”



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  1. I’ve always liked Higuain. He’s a hard worker and he’s really developed into a great striker. Even though I’m a Barca fan I have respect for him 🙂

    Btw you have a cool blog here, can’t believe I haven’t come across it earlier!

    • Yes, he really is one of our best players but sometimes he is overshadowed by big names like CR9 and Kaka. He rarely gets the recognition that he deserves. It is almost like with Xavi and Iniesta, where Messi tends to be more in the limelight.
      Thanks! I had another blog, but just recently started this one. I will stop by your blog to check it out more often.

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