Pepe Returns to Madrid

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Pepe has already returned to Valdebebas after the surgery! He spoke about how he is anticipating the moment when he can finally start his recovery program and his goals for the New Year. And on another sidenote: Pepe has hair! A little wierd but he’s rocking it well. / Translation by Michael J. O’Donnell

How do you feel?

I feel very well. I’m happy because I’m recovering well from surgery. I am rather anxious to begin my recovery programme.

How have your first days back at work been like?

I began working after I had surgery. The following day I started exercising to recover mobility on my knee as soon as possible. I’m gradually recovering my strength and I expect to stop using crutches in one or two weeks. The important thing is that everything went fine and that I’m motivated to get back into shape.

What have your team-mates said to you?

They have great hearts. They teased me a bit about my hair… They’ve always supported me and they seem to be happy to see me recover from my injury.

What did the doctor say when you talked to him?

He says I’m fine and that my recovery is going according to the schedule we devised. I have to hear from the physiotherapists and start tackling the recovery strategy they’ve set for me.

Are you psychologically stronger now?

I once said the messages of support that were sent to the Club’s website would help me gather strength. The support from my team-mates also did. I will work hard for all their sakes. I will always smile and be as joyful as possible. I just want things to go as well as they’ve done so far.

What are your goals for the new year?

I want to work, work and work some more. I just think about recovering my strength and grow confident during my recovery


Sanita’s Official announcement on Pepe’s injury:

As originally planned, Pepe has started working at Valdebebas with the Sanitas-Real Madrid Medical Services after spending three weeks in Portugal following his surgery.

Now that his surgery wound has sealed, the player will spend the next two weeks doing strengthening exercises in the pool before tackling more specific recovery workouts.


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