Benzema disappointed with his role…

January 11, 2010 at 9:22 pm | Posted in Vikingo News! | 1 Comment
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Gonzalo Higuain’s exploits as Madrid’s number one striker are casting a very dark and heavy shadow over neo galactico number three, Karim Benzema.  He came to Madrid to be our new Ronaldo, had fantastic pre season, and then the real fun starts and he barely hits the back of the net. All while Pipita with calculating eyes knows that when something is up in the air for the taking, you must jump faster and higher to take it. Eventually Pipita came off the bench to be the real savoir of this team with goals that have been more than just important in this campaign to take Barca down from that cloud they sit on. Pipita’s glorious form has pushed Benzema to the side. Of course he is bummed declaring to L’Equipe, “Yes, you can say I’m disappointed because I am. But it is something that is part of the job. Things are well, I’m at a great club and learning.”

He certainly has had the opportunity to show the crowd why so much was paid for him, but has been struck by the bright lights of the Bernabeu and monumental pressures that have been placed by that price tag,  and ultimately has not adapted to life in Madrid. He is young and it is his first time on his own so we must be patient, but not only that but he must have patience with himself as well. Those goals will come, Karim. You just have to learn when to go and grab just like Higuain did when he first arrived. In a club like this it is rare for things to be easy and free, a player must work for it.  Animo Benzema!


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