Guti’s ‘tense’ Press Conference

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Oh Guti, when the press goes after you they really know how to edit and paste. Much of the Spanish press are presenting a very grumpy Guti as their headline news with a press conference where he was constantly asked about that supposed mystery injury simply looking to make a bigger story out of nothing. Of course, because today there will be matches of Copa del Rey and Madrid being M.I.A, it is necessary for the prensa madrileña to find something to catch the eye. Several friends of mine in Spain have made it clear to me that the press conference was used by some of the journalist to provoke an argument or simply obtain an eyebrow raising statement from the hot tempered Guti. For instance, when continually asked about his “mystery” injury that has seen him sidelined, Guti responded:

 “I do not have to answer, but the doctor. And if you do not believe me, look at the ultrasound and the hematoma. I don’t have to give explanations. I always want to play and if I don’t, it is because I’m hurt. Those who believe me, great, and those who don’t, should go pick poppies at the field.”

This last statement about poppies made both the headline for both AS and Marca. Now, I am not defending Guti because I have issues with his attitude on the field, but I honestly am bothered when supposed ‘sports journalism’, manipulate statements made or provoke something out of a player. Of course this is not the first time this happens but I just wanted to clear the air on this “tense” or “explosive” press conference that is being splashed around. There simply was none, and if there was tension it was created by the press! I am definitely on Guti’s side on this, and I think his response was great to finally shut the press up on pointless drama.

Real Madrid official site has the press conference cleaned up from such rubbish presented today on different sport sites. Guti speaks about the team’s progression and about his and Raul’s role at the club.

“I feel fine. These months have been complicated for me because of the injuries I’ve sustained. I’m happy, but it’s obvious I’m not as fit as my team-mates yet. I’m working hard to reach optimum form as soon as possible.”

“The team has improved considerably. We had doubts at the beginning, but we now play better together and we are more aggressive in attack. We are making good progress, which was to be expected with the great number of quality players on the team. It was a matter of time for this to work out.”

“It is one thing for me to always want Barcelona to lose, but that’s not to say I think they aren’t a great team. Barcelona are capable of making a comeback against Sevilla tonight in the Copa del Rey and of turning the overall score around. Nevertheless, I don’t think it would be a fiasco for Barcelona if they were eliminated from the competition.”

“I think Raul is as he’s ever been. I think he does a lot for the team and that he will do important things for us. He is always a leading figure, both on and off the pitch. We know young, strong and anxious players are behind us, which makes us work even harder, but this has happened to greats such as Zidane and Figo.”

“I’m impressed with the season Athletic Bilbao are having. They are doing rather well in La Liga and they are achieving their goals in the Europa League. It’s hard to explain why they are doing so well in both competitions. It may be because they have a great coach and because they are incorporating very good players from their academy that are increasing the team’s performance level and adding freshness to their game.”

“Both La Liga and the Champions League are important to us. Our main opponent in La Liga is Barcelona, and there are many more in the Champions League. You have to drop as few points as possible in the Spanish league because, as we all know, Barcelona are a very regular side that hardly drops points. None of the two competitions will be easy to win.”


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