It ended in Sevilla

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Well what was thought as impossible has happened. Barcelona the winning machine has finally been knocked down to reality with their defeat to Sevilla. Yes, I know, I must recognize that Barca went down in flames fighting, but in the end they lost. There was no miracle Chelsea goal by Iniesta or Pedro’s last-minute screamer in the World Cup of clubs. The miracles simply ran out and Barca will not be able to repeat their success of last season. I truly believe this is where the focus should go. Sevilla with an enormous Palop showed that the Giant can be slain. Keep in mind that Sevilla had been punished by numerous injuries and the absence of players to the African Cup, so this was a less than stellar Sevilla, but nonetheless they brought down the champ. A demonstration of how to stop the hurricane at your door was displayed by Sevilla’s 11 men, and I hope other clubs took note. Keep the two legs of this match on video or DVR and learn from it. The king is strong, but not invincible.

Does this make me happy? I would be a liar if I did not admit that a certain joy came over me with the blowing of the whistle. But I will not celebrate or shove it the faces of my fellow cules. Although I should, for their arrogance and the humiliations that we received when the Alcornconazo happened. We all remember how hard it was to walk the streets the next day or even wear our jersey without being mocked. So I really should, but being the classy lady that I am, I will reserve my joy to myself.

Hala Madrid!


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