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What a lackluster game against Malaga, no? Maybe it was because Madrid knew they were superior than Malaga who was composed of several of their youth players, or they simply just did not want to play. I believe it is a combination of the two, but nonetheless the team won and pocketed another three points to keep them in the race for the title with Barcelona. Beside a few sparks of creative genius by Guti and Ronaldo there is not much to highlight. Individual sparks of talent to win games seems like enough in a game where Malaga really did not have much to offer and only when mistakes made by Madrid did Malaga come close to a goal. But I am still worried about the flow of the teams game or the lack of it. In the attack there is still a missing variable where their football gets clogged up by the own players. Although Guti did spit out some trademark style passes to break the army of soldiers Malaga had placed in front of goal, it is nothing to celebrate or praise because at the end of the day it was Malaga afterall. Still the fact that it was Malaga and we could not impose any type of sharp attacking football leaves me with certain worries. However, as I said the three points seem like enough for now. I expect it to come eventually but how long the madridista’s are willing to wait is not of my knowing.

As it is well known the man that once again had all cameras on him was no other than Cristiano Ronaldo. For good and bad reasons. Two goals, the second a true beauty, shows that this man is capable of almost everything. He simply is gifted and we are lucky to have him on our team. It is no surprise that he was brought to Madrid to dazzle us with his goals and plays, and up to the moment he has done just that. He is competitive and always gives his best on the pitch. He has an impressive work ethic and no one can argue that. Still his same competitiveness gets the better of him and this was demonstrated in last nights game. His hunger to finally end his goal drought pushed him to at times selfishly  hog the ball and try to score that epic goal, while maybe his fellow teammates had a better position in scoring. He constantly complained  like a baby at every call made against him by the ref. Frustration was clearly in the air. Then comes his moment of glory with his first goal thanks to a great combination between Guti, Benzema, and Kaka to send it across for Ronaldo to push it in. Relief of finally ending the dry spell came with a second which would be the goal to seal the deal. But Ronaldo was not done yet. In the second half he would swing his arm back to elbow in the nose Mtliga. Intentional or not, I’m not sure but certainly a well deserved red card. Mtliga ended up with a broken nose and later an apology came from the Portugese. Now there are people that are blasting Ronaldo for not being the appropriate role model for kids with these type of actions that have seen him kicked of the field, but I want to make it clear that he was not brought to Madrid to be anyones role model. He is only 23 and is definitely suffering from the intense pressure that comes with playing in Madrid and the pressure is even greater when he looks at his price tag. I am no way defending his actions, but I will not condemn him for his mistakes. Someone at the club needs to speak to him about this and make it clear that in Madrid such behavior will not be tolerated. Este es un club de señores! We need his competitiveness to come out but he needs to learn how to manage it because in the end the club loves him and we suffer when he is not there. Remember El Raizor is our next stop and without Pipa and Ronaldo, this could decide if our chances are real in fighting for this league. No more mistake Ronaldo, this one is forgiven.


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