Two match suspension? Let’s Move on

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The news of Ronaldo’s two match suspension has not gone well with the people of Madrid and the outrage has been let known. Now I have seen the images quite a few times and each time I see it I am convinced even more that Ronaldo really did not have any intention in hurting the player. He simply had the misfortune of breaking his nose and seeing the red for it. A bit harsh? Absolutely, but the ref was nearby and made the call. Still, with the news of his two match suspension I do believe that is also quite a hefty punishment. The Catalan press, to be exact El Mundo Deportivo, on the other hand are outraged that the committee did not ban him for 4 to 12 matches. Yes, you read right they wanted to see a 12 match suspension! Their front page a loud “Bochornoso” was in bold with a pic of CR9 to declare an injustice. What is more shocking to me is that Crisitano Ronaldo made their front page two days in a row! Now to me that is news when a Catalan sports daily has the biggest face of Madrid on their Barca loving paper for two days straight.

But I am getting off topic so my original point is that this whole Ronaldo mess is getting out of hand. Madrid are set that they will appeal the Committee of Competitions decision, stating that his actions do not merit such punishment. And like I said I totally agree with what the people of Madrid are saying, but honestly must we appeal? I know he is an important player to us, but do we have to drag this baby out more than it already has? It is Wednesday and we are still talking about what is fair and unfair on actions that happened Sunday. The need to appeal makes Madrid look desperate and gives more push to those who hate us. We should just swallow the fact that he will not be with us in two crucial games and let that be the end of the story. Please let us just move on and focus our attention to the upcoming match in that damned stadium of El Raizor. This is where our real focus should be at.

*Xavi commented today on this whole Ronaldo issue and he believed that the suspension was absolutely fair. In his words, “justísimos”. Now why doesn’t he focus on matters concerning his club and keep his opinion on Madrid  to himself. For that tremendous lie of a penalty he invented against Espanyol would also have merit some sort of fine or suspension, at least a yellow for deception. In my eyes that would have been justísimo!


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