Vikingo News!; Raul could leave in 2011, Ramos would sign Iniesta, and Pepe’s kind words to Felipe Luis

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via AS

AS is reporting that supposedly Raul’s agent told Soccernet that his client could leave Madrid in 2011, seeing as Raul has only been in the starting line-up six times in La Liga since Pellegrini took reins as manager. As a self declared Raulista it pains me to hear such news, but part of me tells me this story ain’t all that true. So I am not too worried. Furthermore, AS continues that his agent has recognized that Raul may well end up in the Premier League, but adds that their are other options like Quatar and the U.S. This is where my bullshit radar goes up on this story because so far I have not heard anywhere of any English clubs being interested in grabbing Raul. Is this a ploy by Raul’s agent to get him to play more minutes. Is it a threat of “I am leaving ” in order for the club to give Raul the need of being important? I don’t know, but unless Raul himself comes out saying he wants to leave, then I simply will disregard this story. 

In an interview with Don Balon, Sergio Ramos spoke about how Pellegrini has found the ideal style of football for this team, his injuries, and praises the great abilities of Karim Benzema. However, what stood out in the interview was his response on who he would sign from Barcelona for Madrid. He said none other than Casper himself, Andres Iniesta. Hmm not to step out of bounds with my madridismo, but he is also my favorite player of Barcelona. Until I find an English transcript of the interview I will post up what I found on the official site and also the don balon site for the entire interview. Real Madrid (English and only parts of the interview).  And Don Balon( in spanish) 

Finally we end with the sweet words Pepe had for Felipe Luis, who suffered a horrifying injury to his knee against Atletic Bilbao.  

“I wish to send an affectionate message to Filipe Luis. Images from his injury have caused an impact on all of us. He is a player who has proved his worth nonetheless.” 

“He is a jolly person who is strong enough to get over this. He will prove to be a fighter off the pitch and we hope he recovers soon to thrill football fans with his game again. I wish to send him all my support.” 

Animo Felipe Luis!


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