Vikingo News!: CR9 Denied, Pellegrini defends him, and four canteranos called up

January 29, 2010 at 6:25 pm | Posted in Vikingo News! | 1 Comment
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via El Mundo Deportivo

Whoa, surprise news everyone! Ronaldo was denied the appeal by the Competition Commitee, and will have to miss the crucial games against Depor and Espanyol. I know shocking, right? Something I did not know that there were fines handed out with Real Madrid having to pay 180 euros and Ronaldo 600 euro. Hopefully, this whole shenanigans of CR9 can finally be over. We already look so desperate! 

Stand by your man, Pellegrini! Of course, after all of this drama that has followed Ronaldo’s suspension Pellegrini has come out to defend his player stating that his suspension has been unfair. However, it is the comment on the Ronaldo being the admiration and envy of the sporting world that has captured the headlines. 

“Everything that has something to do with Ronaldo is overblown. He isn’t the problem. The problem is what the sports world has generated around him in recent months. People admire and envy Ronaldo. Everyone all over the world wants to see what he does next and they also want him to make a mistake. It is a strange situation. He is just another player on this squad, but he is in a special situation wherever he plays.” 

Pellegrini’s press conference also mentioned how injuries are no excuse for the upcoming game and the team needs to win no matter what. You know the usual stuff the goes on at press conference, but if you want to read entirely what he said, click here. 

Mosquera and Mateo, Castilla players pictured above.

Well more news on the super important match against Depor. Madrid will be without  a crap load of players beginning with Garay, Lass, Van der Vaart, Higuain, Ronaldo, Gago, and Diarra. So this leaves the team in a huge predicament considering who we have to play and more significantly where we are playing. It has been 18 years since Madrid have tasted victory in the sound grounds of El Raizor, and considering that we are flying over there in pieces it might just be 19 years by the end of this weekend. I of course am praying that the likes of Guti, Kaka, and Benzema becomes inspired and lead this team to victory, but I am afraid it might be the same as in every game we have seen of them especially the last two. I hope I’m wrong though. Anyway, Pellegrini has called up four players from la cantera: in defense Mateo, two midfielders Mosquera (Castilla captain) and Raul Ruiz, and the striker Rodrigo. Also with so many players out of action this could mean Raul would probably have a shot of playing more than 10 or 15 minutes. Who knows? But the most important thing is that Madrid find some way to beat Depor. Please let luck and football be on our side!


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  1. Fascinating!

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