Guti, this is why we love you!

February 1, 2010 at 5:17 pm | Posted in La Liga | Leave a comment
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Just when I think that I can no longer defend Guti and must join the anti Gutistas, the number 14 pulls out the magic from his sleeve or to be exact his heel, to put me in my place. It is when he is electrifying and plays like he did this weekend that I have to forgive and forget all the past incidents and stand as Pro -Guti amongst those that hate. It may have seemed as el Alcorconazo would be the seal on his career with Madrid, but against el Depor he demonstrated that despite his constant irregular performances he is capable of the imaginable and the illogical. That is what makes Guti so great. When the team needed of a leader he put that weight on his shoulders and carried them into hell and back. With an 18 year old jinx looming over Madrid what we needed was an exorcism and Guti became the man destined to do just that. A fierce beast in the midfield when required but an elegant angel while crafting his esthetically gorgeous football. 

He is the reason why people love this sport, because with him you never know what you’re going to get. He is the mysterious aspect of football that follows no rule book or statistic. He is the variable that breaks all those formulas or multiple regression charts and tables. A rebel indeed. The mystery and the beauty of the unknown is what keeps this Madridista on her tippy toes and never bored. Guti, Guti, Guti this is why we love you!


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