CR9 to go on the bench?

February 12, 2010 at 2:36 am | Posted in La Liga | Leave a comment
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One of my favorite Spanish football shows Deporte, asked other journalist the question of which player should be sidelined from the starting line-up for Saturday’s game now that most of our players are fit? A question that has been made easier now that Benzema is set to be out for a week, but nonetheless someone will have to warm the bench. For the most part the journalist went with the safe answers: Raul, Granero, and Van der Vaart. My initial response would have been those same players, but then I heard the ever so sharp Sid Lowe give his brave and almost unthinkable answer and I quickly changed my mind. You ask who he dared suggest go on the bench? Well none other than Armani undie model, Gucci loving, and yellow boot wearing Cristiano Ronaldo. His rationale was simple: leaving him on the bench would send him a message that he is not that special.
As ludicrous as his answer may seem it totally makes perfect sense, and if Pellegrini wanted to give a real punch of authority he would let pretty boy Cris sit on the bench at Jerez. Let’s just say El Mister really left him as a sub, clearly those at the top would madly react and Ronaldo would pout to the cameras, but it would show who is in charge. After all, he did leave the team in a critical situation with his two match ban for his behavior on the pitch and thankfully our other players have been stupendous and his absence was not felt much. But nonetheless, he needs to understand that the show does not revolve around him and that his place on the team isn’t guaranteed. Make him suffer just a bit and at the same time continue with the good spirit that has been shown by the players who have played in these last two matches. In any case, they have been brilliant and why break a good thing? If Pellegrini were ballsy enough to do this, then I am sure people would take note that this man means business, and not only Ronaldo, would know not to mess up.

However, the chances of this happening are quite slim and it is almost safe to say that Granero will have to chew sunflower seeds on the bench, while CR9 takes his spotlight on the pitch. Really unfortunate.


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