Iker’s 500th match!

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Yes, our boy will hit the 500th mark with Real Madrid this weekend against Xerez, and it’s only taken him ten years to reach that number! With only 28 years of age, Iker is without a doubt a symbol of this club and here at this site we thank him for all that he has done for the club and hopefully more good fortune goes his way!

Speaking to AS, Iker recalls that he can pretty much remembers all 499 games and even the score. I’m impressed there will be a quiz afterwards to see if this is true.

“I remember practically every game and their final scores. I think I would make few mistakes if asked. Years have gone by and I even think I’ve grown taller. I used to weight 77 kg and now I weight 86. I was incapable of running and reach midfield with the ball at my feet when I started playing… Wow, I feel old…”

For him the league won with Capello a couple years back is very special because it ended those three miserable years without winning anything. When he was asked about the errors throughout his career, he gave the typical modest ‘Iker respose’, “I’m the first one to admit when I have made a mistake. And I’m also the most frustrated one when I receive a goal, especially when we have lost and it’s my fault. Then I realize that everyone is human, and so am I. It also happened to Arconoda.”

Check the video out for his responses to who is the most dangerous striker, Spain’s chances at the World Cup, the upcoming Champions league match against Lyon, and more. (It’s in Spanish)

Also as Valentines Day is just around the corner and I bet some people out there have not yet found what to give to that special someone, here is a suggestion!


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