Only two points…

February 15, 2010 at 5:20 am | Posted in La Liga | 2 Comments
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Today we stand two points from Barcelona, almost at arms length from the leader, and all thanks to our city ‘rivals’ Atletico Madrid. Amazingly, Atleti did not screw this up and played like I have not seen of them in a very long time. It really did look like they had 11 ‘Cholo’ Simeone’s on the field. They fought for every ball, were organized in the back, and were lethal on the counter attack. They were the Atleti that I had hoped for. The Atleti that when they get motivated are unstoppable and can beat the best (except for Madrid). Sure Barca were slow and almost unrecognizable, but no credit can be taken away from the home team who made the azulgrana look human and feeble.
So yes, unbelievably our little brother has given this league a new and vibrant look. Although the Catalan press may scream ‘We are leaders with a two point advantage’, I say ,’you are leaders with ONLY a two point advantage!’ Maybe they are not panicking now, but surely they can see our shadow looming very close over them, and that must not be a comforting feeling.

*I seem to be experiencing troubles with my computer so it wont be until Tuesday or Wednesday that I can post any type of picture on the site. Sorry!



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  1. Muchas gracias Atleti. Now please get lost. I am still backing them for relegation.

    • Hahaha well I dont see relegation in their near future, but I’m just hoping they dont win La Copa del Rey especially if its going to be played in El Bernabeu.
      Hala Madrid!

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