Vikingo News!: Lazy edition with Mourinho, Granero, and the Yellow Submarine

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Alright a bit tired with school and the whole Tiger Woods drama (could care less), that this will be a very lazy edition of Vikingo News. Sorry, but this brain has worked overtime and is already thinking about the weekend. Alright, here we go:

The Madrid based press are at it again! We saw it with el Alcorconazo and now it pops up again with the defeat in France. They all want Pellegrini’s head and have suggested that Mourinho has a strong chance at taking over. Sport reports that Benitez is also a close favorite, but nonetheless it is Mou who seems to be in pole position. The way the press tries to destabalize the club just irks me, and I wish they would just let Pellegrini do his job. By the way, the ‘Special One’ has shrugged off the news by saying, “I don’t enter this game.”

Well I want him nowhere near Real Madrid! I like Pellegrini and although he has made some mistakes, I think it is time to stick with one manager for more than one season. Who’s with me? Esteban Granero is as he stated in today’s presser that the players have total faith in their coach and do not want to see anyone else take his place. For more on what he said, click here.

Alright its time to put our focus on what’s on our plate this weekend, and it is none other than El Mister’s past employers Villarreal. They will be visiting the Bernabeu and this is our chance to vindicate ourselves and get this train back on its track. Here is a quicky on the things you should know for this match:

Seems like the boys are in a better mood

  1. Van der Vaart will be back as he has recovered from the problems with the strained left adductor muscle. Very good news for us! Hopefully he stays in fit form as we will need him in the upcoming weeks. Also Dudek will be available for this upcoming game.
  2. Guti still not ready and continues to do gym work.
  3. Add another one to the injury list with Drenthe being out for two to three weeks due to a Grade I strain-tear of the left rectus femoris muscle.
  4. Ramos will play his 200th game with Real Madrid! Congrats, Rambo!
  5. Ex-Real Madrid goalkeeper, Diego Lopez believes his team has shown improvement and that at the Bernabeu anything can happen.

Aight that is it for now, and once again I apologize for this very very lazy post, but my brain is pretty much fried. Hopefully things will be better next week.

Ok to close, I leave you with two videos. The first is with Diarra speaking about this weekends fixture and the second are the highlights of our first encounter with the yellow submarine at the start of the season. Ah the memories…


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