Vikingo News!: Schuster won’t shut up, Lass is ready, and Madrid feels the hate.

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via Marca

When Schuster speaks all I smell is garbage and this time it was no exception. Once again looking for some attention he spoke about Madrid and had nothing nice to say. “I would have brought Villa, but there were a lot of people who did not want him to come.”  He claims that the nay sayers to a Villa move came from the team and those at the top, meaning the main honchos who run the club. When he was asked if he was referring to Raul who opposed the move, Schuster conveniently replied with, “I have a cough, can’t you see.” Ah Schuster, hasn’t your mother taught you that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all. Well, he literally pointed the finger at Raul on this issue, but also said that there were several other players who said no to Villa ‘Maravilla”s arrival, so who else could he be referring to? Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Villa spoke to Marca and made it clear that the Raul rumour is not true. He says that its  impossible to think that Raul with so much class on and off the field would go and ask the Presi to not sign him. He insist that he has always had a good relationship with Raul even if they havent played much in la seleccion.

Lass wants to convince and win titles with Madrid! Today’s presser featured one of Madrid’s latest criticized players, Lass Diarra, where he spoke on a variety of things. To start off he says that he is fully recovered and ready for the matches against Tenerife and Lyon. When asked about his teammates he assured that both he and Xabi are compatible on the midfield. “Regarding Xabi Alonso, I have no problem with playing alongside him. We understand each other. The coach decides if I must play or not.”  He ends the presser with, “My mind is only set on Real Madrid at the moment. I want to win titles with this shirt.” (

"Yes, they hate us. They really do hate us!"

Yes, people hate us! Well at least according to Carlo Garganese from, who placed Ramon Calderon’s Real Madrid as the tenth most hated football team in history! Reasons for the hate, well why don’t I let you read the man’s words for yourself:

Hacked off Milan trying to chase Kaka, hacked off Manchester United trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo – but eventually succeeded – hacked off Villarreal trying to sign Santi Cazorla right after hacking off Valencia trying to sign David Silva and/or David Villa, hacked off Madrid’s own fans with broken election promises of Cesc Fabregas, Kaka and Arjen Robben, but eventually got Arjen Robben, who Chelsea didn’t want anymore anyway, and then Calderon’s interim successor, Ivan Boluda went on and talked smack about walloping Liverpool in the CL, only to be walloped.

Quite a mouthful, but you get the point!

Now that’s what I call ‘quality’ reporting!  To read about the other teams who made this lovely list click the link.




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  1. I have read Carlo Garganese’s articles on Goal, and usually they are all crap. He never presents facts, is incredibly biased and does not even classify as a journalist.

    Besides people usually hate you cuz they are jealous. The only support Real need is from their own fans.

    • Yup, all his articles are drenched in biases and well reading ‘the most hated teams ever’, I laughed all the way through. I never take anything he says seriously.
      And yes, people are jealous but I could care less. Our team is the best!

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