Pipita, mi galactico

March 1, 2010 at 6:53 am | Posted in La Liga | 4 Comments
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A couple of days ago Marca had stamped on their cover the image of Ronaldo with a headline that said something in the lines of CR9 looking to be the new pichichi. It is without a doubt that our mega star signing Ronaldo will captivate all the headlines and the flashes of the camera, but one can’t help but scream: “you’re forgetting el Pipita!?!?!” I still find it quite unfair that Pipita does not get the credit that he deserves just because he does not have that galactic price tag to his name or because some claim that his football does not have that ‘Ronaldo charm’, but nonetheless he is our team‘s pichichi. If Pipita were Brazilian, he would be perceived as the next Pele and everyone would be kissing the ground he walked on. Still, somehow this does not bother him and I am glad that it doesn’t because if it were me I would be begging “look at me, look at me!” (that’s why I could never be a pro player). But not Pipita, he dedicates himself to what he knows best, and leaves the pink press to other players. He fights to show his worth on the pitch with his plays and his goals, because on the green is where it counts. Asi es el Pipa!

In Tenerife, he once more confirmed why he has won over the Madridistas with a dazzling performance which was rewarded with another double and if it weren’t for that damn cross bar it would have been a hat trick for sure. More than that he was the culprit behind Mr. Ricky’s goal, and with performances like that, one can’t help but forget about a certain French striker. His numbers say it all and it is those numbers that are giving him the right to ask for a better paycheck. Vaya Floren, give the chaval what he wants. He deserves it!

He is a player that our past President Bernabeu would have loved to have called his own, because he represents the values that he instilled onto the club. Bernabeu would be filled with pride by this young lad who sweats for the colors of this club similarly to the way our gran capitan does. Just like Raul in his day, Pipita is slowly but surely rising as the new flag of this Madrid. Just wait and see…so you can keep your ‘Ronaldo’s’ and your ‘Kaka’s’, I’ll stick with my galactico, el grande Pipita!



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  1. I honestly do believe the lesser he is in the spotlight, the more he can focus on the game. I am happy with that and I am sure Pipita is too.

    Jose Mourinho uses this tactic to keep all the media attention on him and letting the player concentrate on the more important matters.

    • Well I’m not necessarily saying that he needs the attention that someone like Ronaldo would get, but rather get the recognition and respect that he merits from not only the press but also from people like Florentino and Valdano.
      And well Mourinho just simply likes the attention. Really doesn’t seem like a tactic but a way of stroking his ego.

  2. Florentino and Valdano have previously praised Pipita and even gone as far as saying it was a great acquisition during the Calderon regime.

    Regarding Mourinho I used to think the same, but I honestly believe he does it for the reason I mentioned above, and everyone falls into the trap. Either ways it keeps the pressure off the players!

    • I have to disagree with you on the Pipita issue because if Florentino and Valdano really appreciated his work for the club they would not be so reluctant in giving him a contract worthy of his performances on the field. It is no secret that Florentino cannot stand anything associated with Calderon’s presidency and it is quite obvious as he has sold and tried selling any player that was brought by the ex-pres. Furthermore, it is a major blow to his ego that a Calderon player (Pipa) is doing so well and his boy, Benzema is pretty much bombing, so trust me any praise he does give is not meant from the heart.

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