Vikingo News!:Pipita a wanted man, David Luiz in Madrid’s orbit, Materazzi sends his thanks

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Sorry for the lack of updates but I have had a serious workload with school and other nonsense that sometimes gets in the way of what one loves most. Plus it is a FIFA friendly week so the news on Madrid has been relatively slow, but here is what I got for ya!

All eyes on Higuain! In my previous post I briefly mentioned how Higuian is looking for an improvement in his salary as he is one of the lowest paid players on the squad, and being the team’s pichichi he thinks it is only fair that his request is accepted. The main honchos over at Madrid have recently offered him a new contract that would see him earning less than 1.2 million euros than what Benzema currently earns, Pipita has flat-out turned it down. Rumour has it that Pipita wants to be paid the same amount that Karim charges, or else he will begin to look for another club. Like I’ve said before, the kid deserves it and we would be fools to see him go over such nonsense. Anyway, according to the Daily Mail, Pipita already has one potential suitor with Manchester City keeping a close eye on the happenings with his contract. Let us not forget that Juventus were also supposedly interested in our striker. Furthermore, in another effort to destabilize our club, one of the Catalan dailies asked on their site whether Barcelona should pursue the signature of Pipita! Could we just get pen to paper as soon as possible in order to avoid any more distracting transfer drama? Come on Floren, what are you waiting for?!?!?

Interested in David Luiz. The Portuguese paper, A Bola reports that Real Madrid are interested in the young centre back David Luiz, and might make a move for the youngster during the summer transfer market. This rumour had been swirling around in the air for some time, but it was not until yesterday when Emilio Butragueño confirmed that the club was interested and that they are following him closely. As I don’t really follow the Portuguese league, I can’t really say that I know much about him, but speaking to certain friends of mine I hear he is really good, but my only problem is that we already have quite a few players in that position, so why bring another? Maybe we should be looking at filling that left back position as Marcelo will never convince me in that role. I’m just sayin…

Well to close this round of Vikingo News, I thought I’d share a picture that demonstrated how vile Marco Materazzi really is. After the comments made by Zidane to El Pais on how he would rather die than apologize to Materazzi, Marco ‘the douche’ posted on his official site the picture posted below with the title, “Thank you, sir”. As expected the blog post has generated 1251 comments with the ones in Italian mostly defending their player and those written in French blasting him with comments that are not appropriate for a site like this. Vaya Marco, you never seize to amaze me! Here is the site to see for yourself.


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