El Factor H

March 8, 2010 at 9:26 am | Posted in La Liga | Leave a comment
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My father once said that football not only depends on the skills one has, but sometimes it requires a lot of heart, but more importantly ‘el factor H’. El factor H that my father refers to is el factor huevo, for those non-Spanish speakers it simply means to have balls. So although it is a bit sexist, my father was right that at times to face adversity you need to have balls of steel, and go against the current to get what you want. On Saturday, we saw that factor H my father had spoken of take over the players in white who fought like wild madmen for what we knew belonged to them: those three points and the leadership. It took them 20 minutes into the game to combine the deadly blend of football and el factor H, but when they did Sevilla had no answer to the testosterone and adrenaline driven warriors in front of them throwing every missile in their artillery to bring down the spectacular Palop, who did his best to stop the inevitable. Every lunge into attack reminded me of the film 300 were the Spartans brutally kill their opponent and all for one cause: “For Sparta!” Well at the Bernabeu there was no blood or guts spewing on the lovely green, but certainly we crushed the hearts of the Sevillistas who for a moment thought they had it in the bag, but they really should have never expected it to be this easy. No not with this Madrid, who has that factor H to climb the mountain and cross the ocean to raise their flag and shout to the heavens: SOMOS LIDERES!!! Yes, I know that this does not guarantee that we will win the league title and maybe some of the madridismo is overreacting with what we have experienced this past weekend, but I’ll be DAMNED we needed to live a game like this. It was necessary to suffer and then have that rush of thunderous ecstasy take over the grounds of Chamartin. We needed for the Bernabeu to experience yet again the magic of la remontada to remind us that it all depends on us to beat Lyon. Vamos Madrid, because we havent won anything yet!


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