Madrid vs. Sporting: Three points and nothing more…

March 22, 2010 at 5:01 am | Posted in La Liga | Leave a comment
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Let us not be fooled by the final result. Madrid’s performance was ugly and it was only touched up by the goals from VdV, Xabi, and Pipita. We maybe breaking records with our goals and victories, but the team is still not convincing when it comes to their football. I’m not going to lie but Saturday’s performance leaves me worried especially considering what the team has left in this final stretch of La Liga. The lack of organization and drive shown by the players leaves me unsatisfied despite having obtained all three points. No me gusto pa’ nada! If it weren’t for los blancos being blessed with the tenacity of goal up front and the shoddy work by the ref (in no way should he be in 1st division), I honestly do not think that we would still be atop of the league today. Anyway, it is quite clear that such a poor performance by our lads has left me on edge so I think it is best that we move on. Here is a quick list of my observations from the game:

1. First I want to give a round of applause to Preciado’s men who had no fear and simply played their game. They were giving a complete performance until Barral scored which led to a fire being lit under the butts of our players to finally show some reaction. It was in those three or four crazy minutes where Sporting lost a match that for a good chunk of the time they had had a good control of. A team with a lot heart and maybe not enough fortune on their side.

2. Why must we always play with a double pivot? To begin it has been awhile since Lass has had a decent performance and acts more of a burden along side of Xabi. Secondly, although I’m a strong believer of respecting our opponent, was El Mister really that scared of Sporting that he found it necessary to put so much muscle in the midfield? Simply, this game did not call for a doble pivot.

3. One of the TV correspondents mentioned that prior to the start of the match there were several individuals who were going around the Bernabeu conducting a survey asking the fans questions like: “What players they would like to see for next season?”, “Who should be the new manager?”, and if my memory is correct the last question was “What players should leave?” Now the importance isn’t what the fans had to say in this survey, but the fact that there are people who continue to find a way in destabilizing our club is what really irks me. When the correspondent asked those conducting the survey who had sent them to do the job, they responded that it was the club. The club officials vehemently denied this. Either someone is lying or this is the work of the witch hunt Preciado had been talking about.


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