Tito Floren’s shady work

March 24, 2010 at 12:43 am | Posted in Vikingo News! | 10 Comments
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My gut told me something was wrong and unfortunately for me my gut is never wide of the mark. Just a couple of days ago I mentioned to you guys about a certain survey going around the Bernabeu the day of the Sporting match, and well yesterday when I checked Don Balon they confirmed that a survey was being held asking the fans/socios the following:

1. Which players should Real Madrid sign?
2. Who should be the manager?
3. Rate from a 0-10 Perez presidency so far.

Now so far all we know is that Sigma Dos is the one who conducted the survey but who asked for it to be conducted is still up in the air. One paper reports that its Florentino and others that the Madrid press is behind this. At first my initial thought was that it was Madrid press but now that I really think about it it has to be the main honchos at the ‘White House’.

It is no surprise that Tito Floren is a man of numbers. Always has been, pero vamos what lack of respect toward the current manager Pellegrini. Seriously he claims he has learned from the mistakes of the past but if anything we are going in the same direction if all this is true. It is expected for the press to write horrid words of Pellegrini, but for the President to go behind his back and conduct such a survey is simply shady.

Marca already has announced that they will be posting the results for the first question tomorrow morning, but will probably wait to see what the numbers are for the second question. Don Balon on the other hand reports that it is Florentino who will see where the numbers swing and if it is against Pellegrini, then allow for either (or both) AS or Marca to publish it.

We all know that the majority of the madridista’s are behind Pellegrini, but unfortunately there are those at the top who are ready to see a head roll no matter what the numbers say. It seems that Pellegrini’s days are counted whether we like it or not.



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  1. I hope this isnt true. Pellegrini should stay and maybe it is Florentino who should leave.

    • Both should stay but certainly Perez needs to allow Pellegrini to do his job.

  2. This is bullsh*t! Pellegrini doesnt deserve this! I bet they wont even publish the numbers because it will show that the madridistas are with Pellegrini.

    • They (madrid press) have had several polls asking whether Pellegrini should be sacked and each time the numbers have shown that Madridista’s want him to stay. This clearly isnt the response they were looking for so they take the poll down.

  3. I real the article on Don Balon. And its quite clear that they themselves are anti-Madrid. And given their association with Sport.es, I can understand why.

    The article says that most of the Madridistas are bored of Pellegrini’s style and wants him out. This is obviously not true since other surveys have shown that the fans are behind the Chilean.

    • I’ve never trusted Don Balon in reports of theirs because of that bias against our club, but Don Balon was not the first place to discuss this survey. However, in my opinion that isnt the point but rather the fact that Florentino is the man behind the survey. It is clear that he is using the Madrid press in trying to get rid of Pellegrini and as they don’t like Pelle either, then they certainly obey. This to me is the root of the problem because like I said it is expected of ‘journalist’ to talk negative of the manager, but it is not correct for Florentino to do so when he should be showing his support.

  4. Is there any other credible source that links Perez to the survey? If this is true then I am going to lose complete faith in his project.

    • Well right now its purely speculation and its all about trying to figure out who is lying. Cadena Ser mentioned it but claiming that it wasnt Florentino and rather the press but the problem here is that this a Madrid based station. On the other hand, an ESPN correspondent who was at the game mentioned live on air that he asked the volunteers conducting the survey who was behind it, and they said the club. When the club officials were asked if this was true they denied it.

      Plus, don’t you find it wierd that Marca are the ones publicating the survey and make no mention of who was behind it. Furthemore, Florentino has used the press to release information before. They work as his mouthpiece and that is why I don’t have a hard time believing that he was behind this. This is my opinion and it is up to everyone else to form their own.

  5. I think the wound of losing to Olympique is still very fresh and this is merely an attempt to justify the finger pointing towards Pellegrini. If the fans disprove his work by voting for someone else; well then it’ll be easier to give him the axe. Still you would think that being the directives of one of the most prestiges teams they would be more upfront about it and not attempt to go through these type of means.


    • Hey Enri
      I think your spot on. The majority of supporters (according to other polls) have shown that they would like for Pellegrini to stay, and so I wonder why must they insist with this question? Like you said, the directives should be upfront and not be cowardly and do things behind Pellegrini’s back. It is a shame that people in the inside are the ones destabilizing our club.
      Thanks for the comment.

      Btw, checked out your site and it looks really interesting. keep up the good work!

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