Los Azulones looking to cause havoc…

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During today's training

Getafe our little brother in blue who always manages to come to the party and find a way to spoil it for us older kids. I don’t know about you but that’s how I feel when Madrid have to play los Azulones. It doesn’t matter where we play, be it the Bernabeu or the Alfonso Perez, they always find a way to treat us to a surprise whether we like it or not. However, you can’t hate them because not only are they family (full of canteranos and a white legend for coach), but they have also shown that they can give a lending hand by pestering our rivals (just ask Barca). But anyway, our lil’ bro rears its head to see what trouble it can cause in our hopes for the league and well we will have to bust out with our best noogies, wet willies, and wedgies to show who is boss!

Anyhow, being more serious I think it is fair to say that what we saw this past weekend was a ghastly Real Madrid and not what we expected from a team that claims to want to win the league this season. So it is time to clean up our image and tune back to the team we were before the whole Lyon debacle. You don’t just lose that all of sudden and I desire that we rediscover our football against el Geta. Joder, we need to! It is the week of derbi madrileños and with that comes passion and pressure, and this one maybe the riskiest of the two. We have to be on our guard with Michel’s men!

Furthermore, it is centenary time for Pipa! It seems like so long ago when the 19 year old Argentine would here the whistles and jeers from the madridista’s who believed he was not worthy of dressing in white, but now it is another story. He has become our Pipita of los milagros and our main man in goal. There is no arguing that he has established himself as an important figure at our club and against Getafe he will reach his 100th match. To think he is only 22 years old and has a whole future ahead of him. I’m sure he will be looking to make this encounter a special one. Suerte Pipita!

Video: Because Getafe hasn’t been in first division very long it once again was a task looking for a special highlight to show you. Plus, most of our encounters with them have not been to our delight. In five meetings at the Alfonso Perez, Madrid have only won one and seen Getafe take all the points three times. Let’s cross our fingers that our numbers improve after this visit. But getting back to the video, this one goes back to the 07-08, which is the only time Madrid have come out victorious. The goal originates with a superbly wonderful assist from the bald ungrateful one (Robben) to Ramos who not only scores but ends with more than he asked for. Some goals are so good that they hurt in this case. Enjoy!


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