CR9 loves CR9…

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via TVE

Just in case you didn’t know, Cris loves being Cris. And really when you earn the dinero he earns, play at one of the biggest clubs on the planet,  and have millions drooling over you, who wouldn’t want to be CR9? Anyway, speaking with TVE’s Ruben Leon, CR9 gave like always a charasmatic interview where he spoke about his father, his sadness in being eliminated from the Champions League, and also said that he would love to end his career in Madrid.

During the years I play for Real Madrid, which I hope is the last team I ever play for,  I will give everything I have and prove to the club and fans that the ammount of money paid for me was we worth it.”

Quickly here are some other things that he said during his chat:

  • He wouldn’t be scared to play Spain in  the round 16 at the upcoming World Cup. He said “no not scared” like 5 times, so we’ll take his word for it.
  • He loves to eat candy and no he does’t follow any strict diet. (pointless fan girl fact)
  • Remember the reports where it was said he did 3,000 abdominals? Well it was all rubbish! He said he didn’t know where the press got their facts because it is impossible to do 3,000 sit-ups  in one month. Geez, how lazy of him!
  • He is very confident of their chances to win La Liga even if it might be difficult. He also said that Madrid can beat Barcelona and he wouldnt care if the team played bad as long as the team wins.
  • And like I mentioned earlier when he was asked whether Cristiano liked being Crisitiano, he responded with a: “Me encanta”. And that my friends is how you conclude an interview.

Want to see the whole interview(in Spanish)? Click here. For my English speaking audience all I have is the transcript from the official Madrid site. Sorry!


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