Que cagada, Valdano!

April 8, 2010 at 2:56 am | Posted in Champions League | 2 Comments
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The bald one Robben, who was unwanted by the Madrid honchos dressed himself as Zidane in the Champions League to send Manchester packin’ and Bayern onto the semis. Yesterday, Sneijder also with his lone goal gave Inter their ticket. These were the men that weren’t good enough or not galactic enough to play in our club according to the standards of Tito Floren and Valdano, and now the dutch boys have the last laugh. Vaya que cagada!

Your welcome Bayern and Inter! Our gifts to you this summer have been very fruitful.



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  1. He was not fit enough to play for Real Madrid. There was/is no doubt of his talent, but you can’t rely on someone who is going to keep getting injured. And he is too good to be playing backup, which is why he was sold.

    As far was Wesley is concerned I think I have absolutely no regrets selling him. I’ve watched him play in Serie A, he still plays his individualistic game with random strikes, which annoyed the crap out of him during his second season at Madrid.

    Bayern have been lucky in the Champions League. Should have never made it past Fiorentina and had a bit of fortune last night as well it has to be said. They’ll need a lot more luck to beat Lyon, especially with their crappy defence which nearly got murdered last night.

    • Oh I just cant agree with you. It is true that Robben may have had some injury trouble here and there, but when he was on the field for us he was decisive. So decisive that even Marca was comparing him to Messi, saying who was better! A bit much if you ask me but nevertheless the explosion of his football gave Madrid another dynamic and when he was injured we sure did miss it. So if we are talking about injuries we should mention Kaka and Benzema, who have been out for who knows how long, and yet we easily accuse Robben of being made out of crystal without looking at the problems we are having right now. Anyways, in the end it was he who wanted to leave and thats the end of that story.
      But I don’t think I will ever forgive selling Sneijder. I think he would have been pivotal for us this season. I’m also follow closely the Serie A and I have to say he is one of the reasons why Inter are still where they are in the league and the Champions League. Young and extremely talented and we let him slip out of our hands. For me a true pity.

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