El Clasico: The tender murder of los blancos

April 12, 2010 at 6:07 am | Posted in La Liga | 2 Comments
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Another year of the same story...

It is true that at least we did not have to suffer an agonizing 2-6 again, but it does not change the fact that this 0-2 is just as bad. Too much Barcelona for a Madrid with no answers or football to hit back. Pathetic and impotent are the only way to describe Pellegrini’s men, who were under the hypnotizing control of los cule for almost the entirety of the game. The worse part is that this Barcelona did not even play their best game, but rather were playing at half steam. It was almost insulting how they just passed the ball on their half of the field as though they knew that this Madrid had no ideas or courage to come for them and challenge for the ball. Valdes to Pique, Pique to Kieta, Kieta to Puyol, and then back to Valdes and the whole time Madrid looked with confusion as the ball moved back and forward. And when Pedro scored the second they became more vicious with their gentle attitude because they knew there would be no resurrection for this Madrid. They had buried them, but weren’t willing to go on a rampage killing because they preferred another more cruel method: Let them die slowly in their own misery. If Barcelona would have really wanted to they could have slipped in another 6 goals against Iker, but that would be too easy for them and just watching our helplessness sufficed the appetite of the azulgranas. As the minutes passed our desperation grew more intense and our wretchedness more evident for the world to see. Yes those cules left us naked and exposed for what we were: Individual talent and nothing more! This was their plan and the number one assassin leading los cule, Guardiola accomplished the tender murder of los blancos in a brilliant fashion. No this was no 2-6, but los azulgrana did not need to break a sweat as they have their minds on the bigger prize, coming to the Bernabeu on May 22 to finish the job.

*Despite the loss and the poor image I still maintain my stance that Pellegrini must stay. Mistakes were made by el Mister but again I repeat that this loss is just as much the fault of the player as it his.
Secondly, I do think that although there are 21 points left to play for the league it does seem more than impossible for us to win. We will need of not just one miracle but two, and honestly I can’t see Barcelona slipping up in two games. Another year of nothingness. Cibeles will just have to wait…



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  1. Quite personally I think Barca’s strategy of playing at ‘half steam’ or what I would call playing ‘safe’, was the right strategy for them in this game. It was a bit negative at times, but it frustrated us, as we had expected something else.

    As for Real, one thing was certain, the performance was clearly not the best that eleven is capable of. Maybe it was nerves, pressure or just it being an off day. I know its important to raise your games for matches such as this, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

    The difference between the two sides is not as much as people are making it to be, and there is a lot more development and improvement possible in this Real side than at Barca.

    Title is very difficult now, but we should try and win our remaining seven games. Atleast take our revenge over the basques @ bernabeu.

    • If we can’t raise our game against Barcelona, then why call ourselves Real Madrid? I just can’t accept that excuse. Considering all the things we were playing for we should have had our game face on and put on a better performance than the one shown.
      I do think that Barcelona are a notch above us and really that is to be expected as they have been playing together for many years now, and it was demonstrated on saturday’s game. However, I do agree with you that there is room for improvement as long as their is continuity in the project and better yet let Pellegrini choose what players he wants for the upcoming season instead of throwing galacticos at him. Let us hope this happens!

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