Still not believin’ the hype…

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A very good first  half by our boys who put in the pressure from the start and were soon awarded for their efforts with a goal from Pipa, who now only stands two goals shy from reaching the midget Messi. The only negative point I can find in the 1st half is all those chances we missed! Good golly Valencia were lucky to not have been punished more severely!! 

The second half we made things more difficult for ourselves and let Valencia get into the game, but just as they were finding their rhythm, a sublime Marcelo sent in a cross for Ronaldo to blast into back of the net. The crowd once again showed enthusiasm with chants of ole’s running through the Bernabeu. Can’t blame them as we are just one point away from Barcelona (well make it two because of the whole head to head matches thing), and our possibilities of winning the league are once again alive. However, I am a bit more reserved in my euphoria as I still find it quite difficult for Barcelona to slip up anymore. As Cruyff said today in his piece,” Barcelona will most likely not face a more complicated rival than Espanyol”, and I kind of agree with him. Anyway, I am mostly saying this because I don’t want to get too excited and be let down in the end. That would be too painful.


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