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Well by now we all know that Manuel Pellegrini is no longer our head coach and that a certain ‘Special One’ has been elected to supposedly bring us what Pellegrini couldn’t: silverware. But nevertheless this man deserves a standing ovation for what he gave to the club and what he was put through by certain hound dogs who were relentless in his persecution.

He never had the support of the President and never had a say in what players he wanted that would fit best to his vision. He was given a bunch of pieces to an incomplete puzzle, and yet despite those hurdles he managed to produce a record-breaking Real Madrid side. Unlike the filth that run our club, the supporters knew that what we needed most is for the Chilean to stay. The polls that Tito Floren loves so much proved how we felt, but yet our voices were unheard. How can we claim this club to be of señores when an outstanding coach is treated so appallingly awful.  El Mister deserved better and we as supporters deserve better as well from our institution. Personally, I believe we lose a lot with the departure of El señor Pellegrini who with his style of football promised so much, but yet was never allowed to fully dig his hands into giving this Madrid a real identity. 

Buena suerte Señor Pellegrini! I hope that where ever you land you prove to the Madrid honchos how wrong they were to have ever let you go!

*I am not ready to speak about Mourinho. All I will say is that a man who  waits around for another man to drop dead in order to take their job, can never have my respect.


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