Real Madrid and LA

August 3, 2010 at 3:14 am | Posted in Vikingo News! | 4 Comments
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Ok I assume everyone is caught up with the news that Real Madrid’s pre season is being spent in the fantastic state of California, where the boys will give us a glimpse of what this new Madrid at the helms of Mourinho will be like in this upcoming season. Plus it is here in California where we will get a chance to see the latest signings by Madrid: Khedira and Di Maria. Yes the football world will be playing close attention to what Mou and the neo-galacticos can offer, and best of all is that I have a ticket to be close up and personal to see the action with my very own eyes! Proof below (sorry for the crap-tastic pic)!

This will be the second time I see los vikingos and I have bolts of excitement running through my body just waiting for Saturday to come! Sure this batch of galacticos don’t include Figo and Zidane, but seeing Pipita, Ronaldo, and Kaka is just as awesome!

Now my biggest disappointment is that throughout this whole time the boys have been here in my beloved Los Angeles is that I have not done any major stalking around all over Beverly Hills. I seriously should have at least two restraining orders but alas my busy schedule has kept me away from such fandom. However, come Saturday I will try to get as close up to the players to bring you my readers some interesting pictures. If that doesn’t work expect me to be at LAX airport the day they leave back for Europe!! 

Alright my Madridista’s time to sign out! Let the countdown for Saturday begin!!!



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  1. All the best. Hope you get some nice pics!

    • Thanks! I’ll do my best.

  2. Wooo! how much fun!!!

    • yea i know I cant wait!

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