Pipita,we will wait for you…

September 12, 2011 at 2:04 am | Posted in La Liga | Leave a comment
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When one of our players shine and give that extra punch to win us those three points, then the crowd of the Bernabeu rises to break their hands in applause for a performance worthy of our institution. Against Getafe, Benzema continued his great start of the season with a goal and a sensational performance that justifies why we paid an arm and leg for the young French forward. The Bernabeu has fallen for Karim and rightly so. This player is different and has earned himself a spot in the starting eleven. Certainly, the boy is untouchable.

However, despite Karim having complete command of the spotlight against Getafe, for me the true moment came with the entrance of Pipita. Since his arrival to the white house, Pipita has found himself swimming against the currents, but through his hard work and dedication he has always prevailed. He has seen dark days with each management, but when the team has really needed of a killer in the box, they have found the solution in Pipita. The questioning and criticism has only fueled Pipita to prove how wrong all of them have been. He refuses to be relegated to the bench and is determined to earn back what was once his. Through a lovely backheel from Kaka (another player who is looking to find his best form), Pipita found the path to getting his confidence back. It all starts with a goal, and from there Pipita will continue to push forward. And this Madridista along with many others will continue to cheer for our lad and wait for him to reach his top form and be that player that delighted us each and every weekend. We need him as he brings to the table more than just goals. He brings heart and perseverance, and it is these traits that will assist him in challenging Benz for his spot. A task that will be more than difficult seeing how well Benzema is doing. At the end of the day, this will surely be a wonderful predicament for Mou and Madrid. With the high hopes we have for this season, we will need of both players.



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