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Well after sleeping off the nightmare that was the Champions League, it all begins to settle in and after watching the game now three more times plus all the highlights it all becomes clearer to me. Señores, it does not look good at all and the pain may even get worst. Anyway, there is still some time left to analyze more of the game and what’s to come in the return leg later, so let us look at the aftermath after the destruction in Gerland.

  • The players are responsible! According to Arbeloa in today’s press conference, the players offered one of the worse games of the season and that Lyon were by far superior to them. Although much of the press has blasted Pellegrini for his tactical scheme, Arbeloa shrugged that to the side and insisted that if anyone was responsible for yesterday’s poor game it was the 11 players on the field. Nonetheless, he is optimistic that it all can be turned around.

“The tie however is wide open and we are convinced that we can turn it around. We will try to play like we had been up until last night.We are very optimistic.”

  • The result is not good. After the match Casillas said the exact same sentiments that I had about this 1-0 result: “Its worrying, because we did not expect to lose. We came here with a lot of hope and enthusiasm in bringing a more positive result back to Madrid.” However, he also believes that they will be able to surpass this challenge, because with the warmth of their fans it will be easier. It will take more than that, Iker!


  • Don’t blame me! Unfairly the press continue to pour the criticism over Kaka, and yesterday’s game led for the press to go on a bigger rant on how poor his form has been. Well Kaka has had enough and responded back by saying that he doesn’t deserve the blame for the loss in France. “I’m not at fault for the defeat. Everyone is responsible.” All though I will not defend Kaka on his performance, I do think it is wrong of the press to point the finger at him. He is right in his statement, because all their players lacked dedication and sacrifice in last nights game. AS reported that out the 17 balls that Xabi and Diarra passed to him, only 11 made it to the feet of the attackers. Really ONLY 11!?!?! That is more than I had expected! Like I said in my last post Kaka tried, but none of his teammates were there to give him a hand. Alright need to cool off, but I assure you there will be a post dedicated to this later! (


  • A recipe for their elimination. Well I wish we had it but that is not the case. Lyon player, Pjanic is certain that they have the recipe to kick Madrid out of the CL. He states that Lyon deserved their worked victory and that they will be able to go on to the next round.

“Real Madrid are not invincible, we saw that yesterday and in their previous league matches. We have the recipe to eliminate them. I am sure that Lyon will continue in the competition if in the return leg at Madrid we play like we did on our turf.”

His declarations are enough to convince me that Madrid will not come out alive from the Bernabeu. He added  (for me the most important part):

“We defended and attacked together, and no one cared who scored the goal. All we cared for was defending ourselves  and winning the match. Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka are two of the best players in the world, but they could not win the game on their own. Unlike us, Madrid did not play like a team, and that is why they lost the game.”

I have nothing more to add to Pjanic’s words. He said it all.


Xerez vs Madrid: A perfect connection

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It was not the best match and for many reasons. One, is due to Madrid’s over confidence in easily beating Xerez. This was not the case. Second, the fact that all week all the press and the club could talk about was the Atleti vs. Barca match, and how great it would be if los colchoneros could give us a hand. Again more focus could have gone to what we had on our table. Finally, and least important, was the condition of the pitch. It was horrible and it indeed did benefit Xerez in the first hour. All of this and Gorosito’s motivated and well positioned team led for ‘los blancos’ to suffer more than necessary.

It is important to highlight the great job done in the first half by the humble Xerez, who dominated the first half and pushed forward to create chances that left Madrid looking uncomfortable. The only firepower offered by Madrid was through Ronaldo who shot one wide and his header hit the crossbar. The Portuguese was sending out a warning while Xerez kept throwing away any good chances of goal they might have had.

Unfortunately for Xerez their legs just could not give more in the second and were run ragged by Madrid, who fired countless hits to the area protected by Renan. The locals tried their best to keep the goals from coming but Arbeloa, out of all people, managed to crack that stone wall. Completely out of his postion, Arbeloa caught Xerez by surprise when Xabi slipped a through ball to leave him face to face with Renan. A man that is not known for scoring ever was the one to give Madrid the lead and the tools to finish knocking down that damn wall.

Soon after Arbeloa’s goal, the show of Kaka and Ronaldo was able to start. The first opening act of their bromance came with Kaka who sent in a deadly cross for Ronaldo to head in into the deep corner of the net. However, these two were not ready to bring the curtain down as they once again combined for Ronaldo to score his double and make it a definitive 0-3. A great comeback to CR9, who is showing machine like numbers with 17 goals in 17 games! Un crack!

After the quick shower of goals, Pellegrini brought in the changes with Raul, Diarra, and Drenthe coming in. Sadly no Van der Vaart and no canteranos, but what matters most is that we temporarily cut down Barca’s advantage to just two points. Now we wait to see what happens at El Calderon, and also begin to place our focus on Lyon (they beat Lens 1-0 in the French League).

*Extra Merengue:

Luis Molowny, one of Madrid’s all time legends died on Friday at the age of 84. He dedicated his whole life to Madrid, first as a player for ten years, then as coach, and finally as Madrid’s sporting director. One of Madrid’s first idols, will continue to represent the spirit of Madrid. ‘Mangas’, this victory was for you… descanse en paz.

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