Nike’s Write the Future Commercial

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Once again I apologize for the lack of updates but final exams  are approaching fast.  However,  in order to prize my dear readers for their patience here is the full commercial  for Nike’s World Cup promo. It is called ‘Write the Future’ and it’s AWESOME!  This commercial includes that Ronaldo statue that was erected in the plaza Ramales plus he was even created into a Simpson character! Just like the original Ronaldo! Quite an honor, no? Anyway enjoy the vid and keep in mind we are only 20 days away from the World Cup!!!


CR9 loves CR9…

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via TVE

Just in case you didn’t know, Cris loves being Cris. And really when you earn the dinero he earns, play at one of the biggest clubs on the planet,  and have millions drooling over you, who wouldn’t want to be CR9? Anyway, speaking with TVE’s Ruben Leon, CR9 gave like always a charasmatic interview where he spoke about his father, his sadness in being eliminated from the Champions League, and also said that he would love to end his career in Madrid.

During the years I play for Real Madrid, which I hope is the last team I ever play for,  I will give everything I have and prove to the club and fans that the ammount of money paid for me was we worth it.”

Quickly here are some other things that he said during his chat:

  • He wouldn’t be scared to play Spain in  the round 16 at the upcoming World Cup. He said “no not scared” like 5 times, so we’ll take his word for it.
  • He loves to eat candy and no he does’t follow any strict diet. (pointless fan girl fact)
  • Remember the reports where it was said he did 3,000 abdominals? Well it was all rubbish! He said he didn’t know where the press got their facts because it is impossible to do 3,000 sit-ups  in one month. Geez, how lazy of him!
  • He is very confident of their chances to win La Liga even if it might be difficult. He also said that Madrid can beat Barcelona and he wouldnt care if the team played bad as long as the team wins.
  • And like I mentioned earlier when he was asked whether Cristiano liked being Crisitiano, he responded with a: “Me encanta”. And that my friends is how you conclude an interview.

Want to see the whole interview(in Spanish)? Click here. For my English speaking audience all I have is the transcript from the official Madrid site. Sorry!

Getafe vs Madrid: Easier than expected

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Can I say too easy? Well without taking credit from the wonderful first half displayed by Madrid, I do have to say that Getafe just made this too easy for us. There defense was an overall chaos that cried for the help of the absent Cata Diaz. Los Azulones pretty much stood helpless in their field as Madrid ran amok the first 45. So bad was this Getafe that they made Gago look good! Nah that’s a joke… he actually did quite well and left me rather impressed with his performance. However, I did expect more from Getafe and I was quite disappointed that they look so dumbfounded in front of Madrid at least in first period. This saddens me because it once again puts in evidence the decaying in quality in La Liga with only two teams running the show. Sorry, but this just isn’t good for the health of Spanish football.

Anyway, focusing on our performance it is fair to say that this is the Madrid that we have been waiting for. After a couple of lackluster matches los blancos have finally shown their true colors and have done it with four fantastic goals. The lethal partnership between CR9 and Pipita drove the last line of Getafe crazy. Yes, Getafe were always exposed in defense but it depends on the striker to exploit such weaknesses, and these two were just merciless when it came to scoring goals. Seriously ruthless killers up front who finished the game in 37 minutes with two goals a piece. Impressive and that’s considering that Ustari saved some shots that could have easily made this score line scandalous. But if Madrid were dazzling in attack then we must recognize the terrific job done by the midfield. They all did their job in feeding the sphere to Cris and Pipita and controlled the pace extremely well in first half. Xabi and Gago partnered up really well in the middle, and if Mr. Gago can keep up the good work ethic he might just snatch up Lass’ starting position. I never thought I would see the day when I would be asking for Gaga to start and Lass to sit on the bench, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Uff, Casillas! I seriously don’t know what is up with him as of late but good golly has he been off. Maybe it’s the fact that he knows he is irremovable from under the post or maybe it has to do with the little relationship he has going with that Carbonera chick, but whatever it is he needs to get back to doing what he does best. The little theatrics after Parejo’s goal (which was totally his fault for losing the ball), just don’t fly with me. Thankfully Casillas had the decency of admitting his fault for what happened. Nevertheless, that drop in form does have me concerned.

Ok the second half was a pain to watch. Not only did we lose the grip on the midfield but our defensive work was plain out sloppy. I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt that the boys were saving their energies considering that Atletico is just around the corner, and that it was best to rest the legs. The only good thing that came out of the second half was the debut of the canterano Mosquera who was finally given some minutes by el Mister. For me that is always great to see.

So there you have it a pretty great day for el madridismo. Not only did we get first place back in the league, but also our basketball team were able to tie the series with Barcelona on cule turf! Vaya que dia!

Vikingo News!: All Eyes on Europe

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Yes it is Champions League week and this is the only thing that goes across everyone’s mind in Madrid headquarters. Well to be honest I think everyone has been anticipating the second leg of the Lyon game since the ref blew the whistle at the Stade de Garland. We are bloody obsessed with this year’s Champions League maybe more than I have ever seen before. Maybe this is not a good thing, but can you blame us?

First let’s take a look at Crissy boy’s presser this afternoon.

“Wednesday’s match is do-or-die. We are playing very good football and we have proven that we are the strongest team in La Liga. We are familiar with Lyon. They are a strong team physically speaking, but it’s our turn to play at home.”

“I hope our fans are just as supportive on Wednesday. We will do our very best to win. We have to prove to Lyon that we own the Bernabeu.”

You can say all you want about Cristiano Ronaldo, but there is no doubt that this boy loves to compete and is driven by a challenge. His last comment sticks with me the most because it sends out a clear message: This is our home, bitches! Oh, plus he sends out his support to his buddy Kaka who is not passing through his best moment, but CR9 is confident that Kaka will be decisive for Los Blancos. For the full presser click here.

Moving on, Lass Diarra spoke to Marca to speak of course about that match. Here is some of what he said:

“We need to pressure, strike fear in our opponent and score early against Lyon. I am sure it will be a match much different than the first leg. We need to start off strong and make sure they don’t score any goals. Being down 1-0 isn’t that bad. There isn’t much difference.”

“We have to be aggressive from the start. The crowd will help a lot, but we also have to take care of our business.

Poor Lass I really do feel for him as he has not been in top form as of late, and although I am a huge fan, I think Wednesday calls for him to be on the bench. Who’s with me? I bet the majority of the madridistas. Here is the link to the article, where he speaks of other things as well.

Next in line is Kaka who spoke to over his new life with Madrid, Ronaldo, and obviously La Decima.

“For us the prospect of winning Real Madrid’s tenth Champions Cup in the Santiago Bernabéu has to be a motivation, but not an obligation.”

“If it becomes an obligation then it will make things more difficult for us. Winning ‘La Décima’ at the Bernabéu certainly is the fervent hope of our fans and my fellow players because there are very few clubs who even get the opportunity to play the final in their own stadium.

“Even if Lyon are having a difficult domestic campaign everything changes when it comes to the Champions League,” he warns. “We are preparing to face a great opponent because they are a top club in European competition and the Champions League changes everyone’s motivation.”

Ricky really is so well spoken and I recommend you read the entire article because all of it is really good. So here ya go, there is also a video included.

The last declarations come from the one and only Zizou. Shhh everyone, when the man takes the stage we all must listen:

“I remember a Champions League game against Bayern Munich at the Bernabeu, where the stadium almost came down. If we have a night like that one, Real Madrid will be able to do great things.

“I am convinced that they are going to come back.”

Let’s hope Zizou words have magic to them like his football. Really could not find an article on this in English so I leave you with what AS had. Click here

*So it seems like a sure bet that Benzema will miss the CL match and according to El Mundo Deportivo, Sergio Ramos is in doubt because of an infection to his toe nail. Eww.. haven’t seen this anywhere else, but will get back to you guys on this gross but yet important topic.

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