Red, Rojo, Rosso…nero!

September 14, 2011 at 6:04 am | Posted in Champions League | 1 Comment
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According to the Chinese, red is the color of happiness and prosperity. For some it is the color of power, energy, excitement, or love. Whatever the symbolism associated with it, I personally find it of poor taste. Beside the fact that the color was worn by heroes of the distant past, there is no real connection that I can see. Whoever gave the thumbs up on the choice of color should be fired and sent to a distant island for their crime against my club. Am I being a wee bit dramatic? Probably yes, but I am sorry, there are just things you don’t mess with.

Thankfully, a color means nothing in getting you a victory or a title. A color as much as it may symbolize power or luck, has zero correlation in a player’s performance. Madrid can play in orange or baby poo green, and they would still shine. Sometimes we and our players tend to forget that our jersey or crest play no factor in defeating a rival. It is neither the crest nor the name, but the heart and sweat you put into defending those colors that aids in winning those decisive matches. Against Dinamo we have to keep that in mind. Dinamo may not be a powerful force in Europe, but it is these type of teams that can complicate us if we are disrespectful and lazy. Furthermore, we must leave a great first impression in Europe to let those who challenge us know that we are here for the long run. Today, we hopefully take the first step in the right direction towards la orejona. 

Continuing with today’s theme of European games and the color red, the Rossoneri covered the Camp Nou with a blanket of silence with their last-minute shocker, bringing the game to a 2-2 result. It had been a while since I had seen such confused and dumbfounded faces from the cules. All I will say is that so far, it has been a good start to the Champions league.


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