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Well just like I had predicted Espanyol managed to snatch a point from their eternal enemy Barcelona and breathe new life into the league. Y ojo los periquitos were unfortunate to not have won the game as they had plenty of chances to make los cules look more ridiculous than they already were looking. Its been awhile since a team has gone head to head with Barcelona and made them look this bad! Bravo periquitos!

Now Madrid must capitalize on this grand ol’ opportunity that’s been handed to them. It won’t be easy against Valencia, but this might be the last break we get!


List of Friends and Foes

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Considering that there are still 21 points left to fight for and really until Barca are mathematically the owners of this league, we really should not give up. So I thought with few games remaining it would be interesting to look at the obstacles that might come against us and also those things that might also give us a hand. Let’s start off with our friends!


  • Espanyol: Los Periquitos have a tradition of being one of our closest friends in the league as they share the same passion: hating Barcelona! Although Espanyol havent had the best season there has been some improvement as of late with a great run of games without losing. Not only that they defeated Atleti in a spectacular fashion this past weekend scoring three past los colchoneros. Espanyol have always managed to give Barca a headache and I have my fingers cross that they can send a helping hand our way (too bad Tamudo doesn’t play anymore). Amigo perico, por favor!
  • Injuries/Schedule: Still competing in the Champions League leaves for more distractions and injuries for los cules. Now I in no way am celebrating an injury to a player because that is just cynical and in poor character, but the truth is that some of their players are starting to show the intensity of their game is starting to reach its limit. Iniesta is just the latest casualty and pretty much will miss the rest of the season. I wouldn’t count on this being an ally as Barca have shown they can play without their important players and still win, but nevertheless you never know.

  • Zlatan!: Some of you may be puzzled with my choice to include Ibra into our mix of friends, but hear me out. Although Ibra’s numbers have been pretty impressive in his first season at Camp Nou there is still something that tells me that he still isn’t fitting well into their system. Also I got hold of a fact that Barcelona are more effective in front of goal without the giant Swede. And from the games I have watched Zlatan does miss an incredibly large amount of goals and does interrupt with the flow of their game. Hopefully he recovers soon!
  • Villarreal: This season’s Villarreal have been a far cry from the one that was nicely run by Pellegrini, nevertheless just like Espanyol they have shown some signs of life in their last games. They are looking for their European ticket which is being fought by quite a few others, so I’m expecting a disputed fight. I don’t necessarily think they can beat Barca but certainly a tie can be possible.

  • Mourinho and his Inter: Yes at the end of the day Mourinho might just end up being our best friend if he can pull off the biggest upset. Having a soft spot for AC Milan it is hard for me to root for Inter, but my hopes that Barcelona don’t reach the final of the Champions League is driving me to do such a thing. Barcelona have to face Inter in the semi-finals and although they have already whooped Inter’s ass I do think this time can be very different. The Special One has something up his sleeve and will relish the chance of eliminating this Barcelona. How do you stop a team who plays ‘beautiful’ football? Well you play ugly football, and this Inter is capable of playing real ugly.


  • Mallorca: We may have some difficult trips away from the Bernabeu, but the one that worries me most is our trip to Mallorca. Not only have they registered fantastic numbers at home and are currently in fifth place, but historically Mallorca have made it difficult for us. They always manage to snatch a point here and there, and this year in my opinion they are a major threat. 
  • Lillo and Almeria: Our upcoming opponent is another tough cookie as they have been ridiculously impressive at home and really the man behind the magic is Guardiola’s buddy Lillo who has changed the face of this Almeria. This team is so complicated that even Barca had a hard time cracking them down. Plus they have a fantastic goalkeeper who has been the only one to stop a penalty from CR9 in the league. So Almeria will be a test to see if we can overcome the blow of the defeat to Barcelona.

  • Sara Carbonero: Dont be fooled by her beauty because this one might be our biggest enemy of all! (stop droolin’ men!) I know I’m not the only one that has noticed Iker’s poor form this season and if I dare suggest his relationship with the Spanish presenter Carbonera might be the reason. You need proof? Well after our painful defeat in el clasico you would think Iker would lock himself away and sulk or probably kick a wall imagining it was Messi, but no instead he went to dinner with his lady friend. This doesn’t sound like our Iker! I’m just sayin this could be our YOKO!!! Cuidado!
  • Fans: Ok being more seriously I have to point out that our fans are simply a disappointing bunch. Did you guys notice how quiet the fans that went to el clasico were? If it weren’t for the Ultra Sur who made noise non-stop throughout the match we would have been able to hear the crumpling of the sandwich wraps! Atmospheres like the one at la bombonera or during the Milan derby’s are the types that really intimidate the opponent, but ours was a complete joke. We need to be the 12th player and it must come out during these last games. The jeers can wait for later!

  • Marca/AS: I don’t have to say much about the Madrid press that hasn’t already been said, but these ‘journalist’ are one of our biggest enemies. Always on the hunt for the skin of Pellegrini or producing lame excuses like the Villarato are just some of the ways they look to destabilize our club and put us in further ridicule to the world. Front covers like the one above are just not acceptable. These upcoming weeks promise to be a storm for Madrid created by AS and Marca.
  • Florentino and Valdano: I don’t like these two and I have little faith in what they say. Like I have said in previous posts that these two need to demonstrate their trust in the project created which means continuing with the work done by El Mister. They need to let him work and not using this time searching for his replacement.

  • MADRID: Finally I end with our team. We can either be our own friend or we can easily slip into the dark side and become our own enemy. If we let the el clasico loss get to our heads, then we are pretty much screwed.  However, although we have some rough weeks ahead of us, we need to dig ourselves out of the whole that Barcelona put us in and continue to give los cules a run for their money. Despite the defeat we can’t just simply lift the white flag of surrender and hand them the league. No señores there is still too much to fight for!

Real Madrid vs Espanyol: Looking Better

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Overall, cannot complain on the team’s performance as we pocketed three more points and gave a fairly good performance. I say fairly good due to the poor showing of Espanyol who visited the Bernabeu in pieces and once on the field they failed to create any chances and bored the hell out of Casillas. Amigo perico, I’m sorry for leaving your team closer to the bottom of the table. Anyway, I will highlight the positives of a easy game for Madrid. Vamos!

A spirited Kaka: After a week filled with so much negative press for Ricky it was good to see him displaying good football and scoring a much needed goal. He hadn’t scored since the match against Atleti, and on Saturday he clocked in his fourth goal and had several other chances to make it a double. He is still far from that Kaka that dazzled in Milan, but with time I am sure that he will set the Bernabeu on fire. On his official twitter account, Kaka thanked God for beating Espanyol and scoring the second goal. “My performance brings an end to all the negative speculation and lies created at the beginning of the week. Parabens, Ricky!

Granero was golden!: Yes, El Pirata was the man of the match with a killer performance. Every cross and corner he sent into the area connected with one of his teammates. Thanks to him both goals were scored and also had chances of his own to get on the score sheet, but a sensational Kameni did well to keep the score as low as possible. Marca conducted a poll asking whether Granero should continue in the starting line-up and the response was a dominating yes! I, for one, am with the more than 90% of voters who plead for his spot in the starting line-up.

Super Pipa!: Just in case there where those who had no idea in which team to choose between team Benzema or team Pipita, I think Saturday’s match put an end to such nonsense. The fans know it, Pellegrini knows, and the press knows it: it is all about team Pipita! The reaction by the fans to his return to the pitch was defening and clearly a blow to Benzema, who is still having difficulties catching up to Pipita. What Benzema could not do in 70 minutes, Pipita did in 20 with a crackling divine goal. It is good to have you back Pipita! Also thanks to not just this performance but his performance and goals throughout this first half of the season he will rightfully so get a raise in his salary supposedly nearing that of what Benzema earns. About freakin time!

Finally, the match leaves us with a few questions that deserve to be mentioned.
One, Pellegrini can finally count with a full squad of important players like Ronaldo, Lass, and Van der Vaart who are perfectly ready to go, so who gets left out as we have finally began to gel and deliver good football? Will Pellegrini continue with the current system of jugones: Guti-Granero-Kaka with Xabi being able to roam around the midfield freely, or will he return to ‘el doble pivot’ with Lass and Xabi being paired up in the middle?
Furthermore, Marca’s Enrique Ortega questions why can’t we continue with the brilliant performances of the first half into the second? There is a continuation of lackluster performances in the second period which could be because the team is relaxed because of the advantage or there is simply a drop in form. We saw it in El Riazor and many times before hand. Is it a question of physical fitness?

Anyway, the good thing is that our football is developing and as each game goes by the team looks stronger no matter what players are on the pitch. Next game away against Xerez, and then we can focus on the European stage. Crazy month ahead of us!

Feliz Cumple Cristiano!

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Happy Birthday Ronaldo! Today the mega star turns 25 years old and unfortunately was not given the gift that he wanted by the Spanish Disciplinary Committee to be able to play the game against Espanyol. Oh well I guess now he can really have a blast celebrating all weekend now that he won’t have to play. Have as much fun as your heart desires, Cris!

*Here’s a video of Florentino Perez and Esperanza Aguirre, the President of the Madrid community, expressing their best wishes to the Portuguese winger. In one part of the clip Mrs. Aguirre ask Ronaldo how old he is turning and just like the diva that he is jokingly lied saying he was turning 20. Florentino corrected him by saying your 25 hombre! He also added:”Macho, que viejo eres”. Translation: “Damn, your old.” All in good fun.

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