Vikingo News!: Lazy edition with Mourinho, Granero, and the Yellow Submarine

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Alright a bit tired with school and the whole Tiger Woods drama (could care less), that this will be a very lazy edition of Vikingo News. Sorry, but this brain has worked overtime and is already thinking about the weekend. Alright, here we go:

The Madrid based press are at it again! We saw it with el Alcorconazo and now it pops up again with the defeat in France. They all want Pellegrini’s head and have suggested that Mourinho has a strong chance at taking over. Sport reports that Benitez is also a close favorite, but nonetheless it is Mou who seems to be in pole position. The way the press tries to destabalize the club just irks me, and I wish they would just let Pellegrini do his job. By the way, the ‘Special One’ has shrugged off the news by saying, “I don’t enter this game.”

Well I want him nowhere near Real Madrid! I like Pellegrini and although he has made some mistakes, I think it is time to stick with one manager for more than one season. Who’s with me? Esteban Granero is as he stated in today’s presser that the players have total faith in their coach and do not want to see anyone else take his place. For more on what he said, click here.

Alright its time to put our focus on what’s on our plate this weekend, and it is none other than El Mister’s past employers Villarreal. They will be visiting the Bernabeu and this is our chance to vindicate ourselves and get this train back on its track. Here is a quicky on the things you should know for this match:

Seems like the boys are in a better mood

  1. Van der Vaart will be back as he has recovered from the problems with the strained left adductor muscle. Very good news for us! Hopefully he stays in fit form as we will need him in the upcoming weeks. Also Dudek will be available for this upcoming game.
  2. Guti still not ready and continues to do gym work.
  3. Add another one to the injury list with Drenthe being out for two to three weeks due to a Grade I strain-tear of the left rectus femoris muscle.
  4. Ramos will play his 200th game with Real Madrid! Congrats, Rambo!
  5. Ex-Real Madrid goalkeeper, Diego Lopez believes his team has shown improvement and that at the Bernabeu anything can happen.

Aight that is it for now, and once again I apologize for this very very lazy post, but my brain is pretty much fried. Hopefully things will be better next week.

Ok to close, I leave you with two videos. The first is with Diarra speaking about this weekends fixture and the second are the highlights of our first encounter with the yellow submarine at the start of the season. Ah the memories…


Vikingo News: So much! Kaka, Bobinho, and more…

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Alright because I do not post on the weekends as it is totally reserved for watching football and other nonsense, I have so much to stuff to post today. So let’s do this as quickly as possible! Here’s a rundown of what’s been happening at the ‘White House’:

  • Kaka on the team’s identity and the hernia rumours: The always smiling and kind Kaka spoke to the press today and stated that the key to the team’s success is that they have finally found an identity. He added that his goal against Espanyol was really special as he had been desiring to score for a long time now. Furthermore, as mentioned previously, Kaka wanted to clarify those pesky rumours about the chronic hernia saying that they were all lies and let us consider that chapter closed. (


  • Bobinho’s Confession!:  Robinho makes note of how his approach in exiting Real Madrid was probably not the best way, but that he really needed to leave because he was no longer happy with the treatment by Calderon an co. He says that he felt bad for the fans as they did not deserve to be treated in such a way. Oh Bobinho this apology I just cannot accept! Anyway, the best part of his interview to Globo was his comment on Capello stating that the Italian did not like Brazilians. Wrong! He just does not like lazy divas who arrive to training drunk, my friend!!! Finally, the eternal dreamer proclaims that he wants to be the best player in the World Cup. Remember when Bobinho wanted to be the best player in the World? Buena suerte, Bobo! 

  • Granero on his best goal: Of course I could not have a Vikingo News without mentioning the boy that drove El Bernabeu crazy with excitement this weekend! Speaking to both AS and Marca, Granero says everything a die hard madridista wants to hear. For him to play in Valdebebas is a blessing and that his best football is yet to come. This kid has no ceiling! When asked which has been his best goal, he responds: “The one I will score in Lyon.” Smooth and confident… I simply love this player. Viva el Pirata! (


  •  Juve dreamin of Pipita?: Well according to Tuttospor, Juventus are yearning to add Higuain to their squad next season. Their attack is in shatters with Trezeguet most likely leaving and a very out of it Amauri who no longer remembers what a goal feels like, has got the Old Lady looking to bring some much needed power into the attack. Well, my mom taught me to be kind to Old ladies so I’m just going to say, keep dreamin’! (footballitalia)

via Mundo Deportivo

  • An eye on the enemy!: Well Barca won their game, really no big surprise, but in the process of adding three points they also lost several key men thanks to injuries and suspension. Alves and Toure out for two or three weeks and Pique and Marquez both were painted in red which caused quite a stir over at Catalonia. According to them, the “wrong calls” made by the ref are due to the smear campaign by the Madrid press who relentlessly have claimed that Barca recieve help from the man in black (I agree to a certain extent). Still, I am not hear to speak about Villaratos, just simply to point out that with a defense in shreds Guardiola’s team will have to visit none other than Atletico Madrid. El Calderon has always been a rough place for Barcelona and this may be a chance for them to lose a point or three. Let us hope this is el Atleti of the miracles and not the one that embarrasses the fans. So this weekend I’ll be rooting for los colchoneros!

Real Madrid vs Espanyol: Looking Better

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Overall, cannot complain on the team’s performance as we pocketed three more points and gave a fairly good performance. I say fairly good due to the poor showing of Espanyol who visited the Bernabeu in pieces and once on the field they failed to create any chances and bored the hell out of Casillas. Amigo perico, I’m sorry for leaving your team closer to the bottom of the table. Anyway, I will highlight the positives of a easy game for Madrid. Vamos!

A spirited Kaka: After a week filled with so much negative press for Ricky it was good to see him displaying good football and scoring a much needed goal. He hadn’t scored since the match against Atleti, and on Saturday he clocked in his fourth goal and had several other chances to make it a double. He is still far from that Kaka that dazzled in Milan, but with time I am sure that he will set the Bernabeu on fire. On his official twitter account, Kaka thanked God for beating Espanyol and scoring the second goal. “My performance brings an end to all the negative speculation and lies created at the beginning of the week. Parabens, Ricky!

Granero was golden!: Yes, El Pirata was the man of the match with a killer performance. Every cross and corner he sent into the area connected with one of his teammates. Thanks to him both goals were scored and also had chances of his own to get on the score sheet, but a sensational Kameni did well to keep the score as low as possible. Marca conducted a poll asking whether Granero should continue in the starting line-up and the response was a dominating yes! I, for one, am with the more than 90% of voters who plead for his spot in the starting line-up.

Super Pipa!: Just in case there where those who had no idea in which team to choose between team Benzema or team Pipita, I think Saturday’s match put an end to such nonsense. The fans know it, Pellegrini knows, and the press knows it: it is all about team Pipita! The reaction by the fans to his return to the pitch was defening and clearly a blow to Benzema, who is still having difficulties catching up to Pipita. What Benzema could not do in 70 minutes, Pipita did in 20 with a crackling divine goal. It is good to have you back Pipita! Also thanks to not just this performance but his performance and goals throughout this first half of the season he will rightfully so get a raise in his salary supposedly nearing that of what Benzema earns. About freakin time!

Finally, the match leaves us with a few questions that deserve to be mentioned.
One, Pellegrini can finally count with a full squad of important players like Ronaldo, Lass, and Van der Vaart who are perfectly ready to go, so who gets left out as we have finally began to gel and deliver good football? Will Pellegrini continue with the current system of jugones: Guti-Granero-Kaka with Xabi being able to roam around the midfield freely, or will he return to ‘el doble pivot’ with Lass and Xabi being paired up in the middle?
Furthermore, Marca’s Enrique Ortega questions why can’t we continue with the brilliant performances of the first half into the second? There is a continuation of lackluster performances in the second period which could be because the team is relaxed because of the advantage or there is simply a drop in form. We saw it in El Riazor and many times before hand. Is it a question of physical fitness?

Anyway, the good thing is that our football is developing and as each game goes by the team looks stronger no matter what players are on the pitch. Next game away against Xerez, and then we can focus on the European stage. Crazy month ahead of us!

Vikingo News!: Kaka’s chronic hernia, the return to training, and Granero’s grand ambition!

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via el mundo deportivo

It is being reported by both Marca and El Mundo Deportivo that 65 million star signing Kaka will have to undergo treatment for his hernia for the rest of his life. He will have specified regimen with certain exercises in order to avoid further damage to the injury. Although this sounds like major tragic news for Madrid, the medical staff assured that he will return to being the player that he used to be.  Should we ring the alarms or remain calm? (

Well good news is that today’s training included the returns of Pipita and Diarra. They were able to taka part on the orders of Pellegrini after doing some gym work. It is most likely that they will be included in the list for the match against Espanyol after not having troubles throughout the session. However, the return of Van der Vaart, Lass, and Garay is more complicated as all three are still suffering from certain problems, and will have to wait before Saturday’s game to see if they will make it. The training also brough about eight canteranos which included Mateos, Raúl Ruiz, Juanan, Nacho, Mosquera, Luis Hernández, Cristian and Velayos. David Mateos expressed his happiness to be training with the first team, This is what we work for since we are little kids. Hopefully more of my teammates from Castilla can someday enjoy this experience.”

Finally we end this round of Vikingo News with Granero’s press conference where he talked about his ambition and the difficulties in making that gran leap from Castilla to the first team. El Pirata explains that he works hard everyday because he wants to be an important player for Real Madrid, and in my opinion he already is. Furthermore, he describes the difficulties Castilla players have in breaking into the first team.

“Many of them have trained with us this season. It’s good for them to see how we work. They could get promoted any day, so it’s good that they adapt soon.Every player’s case is different. It isn’t easy to leap from Castilla to the first team. You have to be very good to play on this team. I think I did well to play for Getafe because it allowed me to grow as a footballer.”

He then went on to praise his captain Raul by stating that he has always been a great example and has always been there to help, “both on and off the pitch.” For the entire presser, click here!

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