Pipita,we will wait for you…

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When one of our players shine and give that extra punch to win us those three points, then the crowd of the Bernabeu rises to break their hands in applause for a performance worthy of our institution. Against Getafe, Benzema continued his great start of the season with a goal and a sensational performance that justifies why we paid an arm and leg for the young French forward. The Bernabeu has fallen for Karim and rightly so. This player is different and has earned himself a spot in the starting eleven. Certainly, the boy is untouchable.

However, despite Karim having complete command of the spotlight against Getafe, for me the true moment came with the entrance of Pipita. Since his arrival to the white house, Pipita has found himself swimming against the currents, but through his hard work and dedication he has always prevailed. He has seen dark days with each management, but when the team has really needed of a killer in the box, they have found the solution in Pipita. The questioning and criticism has only fueled Pipita to prove how wrong all of them have been. He refuses to be relegated to the bench and is determined to earn back what was once his. Through a lovely backheel from Kaka (another player who is looking to find his best form), Pipita found the path to getting his confidence back. It all starts with a goal, and from there Pipita will continue to push forward. And this Madridista along with many others will continue to cheer for our lad and wait for him to reach his top form and be that player that delighted us each and every weekend. We need him as he brings to the table more than just goals. He brings heart and perseverance, and it is these traits that will assist him in challenging Benz for his spot. A task that will be more than difficult seeing how well Benzema is doing. At the end of the day, this will surely be a wonderful predicament for Mou and Madrid. With the high hopes we have for this season, we will need of both players.



Getafe vs Madrid: Easier than expected

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Can I say too easy? Well without taking credit from the wonderful first half displayed by Madrid, I do have to say that Getafe just made this too easy for us. There defense was an overall chaos that cried for the help of the absent Cata Diaz. Los Azulones pretty much stood helpless in their field as Madrid ran amok the first 45. So bad was this Getafe that they made Gago look good! Nah that’s a joke… he actually did quite well and left me rather impressed with his performance. However, I did expect more from Getafe and I was quite disappointed that they look so dumbfounded in front of Madrid at least in first period. This saddens me because it once again puts in evidence the decaying in quality in La Liga with only two teams running the show. Sorry, but this just isn’t good for the health of Spanish football.

Anyway, focusing on our performance it is fair to say that this is the Madrid that we have been waiting for. After a couple of lackluster matches los blancos have finally shown their true colors and have done it with four fantastic goals. The lethal partnership between CR9 and Pipita drove the last line of Getafe crazy. Yes, Getafe were always exposed in defense but it depends on the striker to exploit such weaknesses, and these two were just merciless when it came to scoring goals. Seriously ruthless killers up front who finished the game in 37 minutes with two goals a piece. Impressive and that’s considering that Ustari saved some shots that could have easily made this score line scandalous. But if Madrid were dazzling in attack then we must recognize the terrific job done by the midfield. They all did their job in feeding the sphere to Cris and Pipita and controlled the pace extremely well in first half. Xabi and Gago partnered up really well in the middle, and if Mr. Gago can keep up the good work ethic he might just snatch up Lass’ starting position. I never thought I would see the day when I would be asking for Gaga to start and Lass to sit on the bench, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Uff, Casillas! I seriously don’t know what is up with him as of late but good golly has he been off. Maybe it’s the fact that he knows he is irremovable from under the post or maybe it has to do with the little relationship he has going with that Carbonera chick, but whatever it is he needs to get back to doing what he does best. The little theatrics after Parejo’s goal (which was totally his fault for losing the ball), just don’t fly with me. Thankfully Casillas had the decency of admitting his fault for what happened. Nevertheless, that drop in form does have me concerned.

Ok the second half was a pain to watch. Not only did we lose the grip on the midfield but our defensive work was plain out sloppy. I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt that the boys were saving their energies considering that Atletico is just around the corner, and that it was best to rest the legs. The only good thing that came out of the second half was the debut of the canterano Mosquera who was finally given some minutes by el Mister. For me that is always great to see.

So there you have it a pretty great day for el madridismo. Not only did we get first place back in the league, but also our basketball team were able to tie the series with Barcelona on cule turf! Vaya que dia!

Los Azulones looking to cause havoc…

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During today's training

Getafe our little brother in blue who always manages to come to the party and find a way to spoil it for us older kids. I don’t know about you but that’s how I feel when Madrid have to play los Azulones. It doesn’t matter where we play, be it the Bernabeu or the Alfonso Perez, they always find a way to treat us to a surprise whether we like it or not. However, you can’t hate them because not only are they family (full of canteranos and a white legend for coach), but they have also shown that they can give a lending hand by pestering our rivals (just ask Barca). But anyway, our lil’ bro rears its head to see what trouble it can cause in our hopes for the league and well we will have to bust out with our best noogies, wet willies, and wedgies to show who is boss!

Anyhow, being more serious I think it is fair to say that what we saw this past weekend was a ghastly Real Madrid and not what we expected from a team that claims to want to win the league this season. So it is time to clean up our image and tune back to the team we were before the whole Lyon debacle. You don’t just lose that all of sudden and I desire that we rediscover our football against el Geta. Joder, we need to! It is the week of derbi madrileños and with that comes passion and pressure, and this one maybe the riskiest of the two. We have to be on our guard with Michel’s men!

Furthermore, it is centenary time for Pipa! It seems like so long ago when the 19 year old Argentine would here the whistles and jeers from the madridista’s who believed he was not worthy of dressing in white, but now it is another story. He has become our Pipita of los milagros and our main man in goal. There is no arguing that he has established himself as an important figure at our club and against Getafe he will reach his 100th match. To think he is only 22 years old and has a whole future ahead of him. I’m sure he will be looking to make this encounter a special one. Suerte Pipita!

Video: Because Getafe hasn’t been in first division very long it once again was a task looking for a special highlight to show you. Plus, most of our encounters with them have not been to our delight. In five meetings at the Alfonso Perez, Madrid have only won one and seen Getafe take all the points three times. Let’s cross our fingers that our numbers improve after this visit. But getting back to the video, this one goes back to the 07-08, which is the only time Madrid have come out victorious. The goal originates with a superbly wonderful assist from the bald ungrateful one (Robben) to Ramos who not only scores but ends with more than he asked for. Some goals are so good that they hurt in this case. Enjoy!

Vikingo News!: Champions DNA, Valdano, the new Drogba, Suker’s advice, and ketchup!

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Well if you are really lucky and fortunate to have the dinero to buy Champions league tickets, then you will be happy to know that tickets for this year’s final at the Bernabeu will be available for purchase on March 8th through the 19th. Any lucky son of a bitch that can go, can buy their tickets at UEFA’s official site, but you have to be quick because there are only 11,000 seats available to the general public. Prices will range from 300 to 90 euros so I hope everyone’s collected enough plastic bottles and work those extra shifts!

Anyway, as can be seen by the picture Cris and Raul were there at the presentation of the golden ticket along with Florentino who stated that “Real Madrid love the Champions League above anything else. The club has the word Europe marked in their DNA. ”  Tito Floren added that he wants everything to be ready for that special European night: On May 22, everything has to be impeccable, as the final goes beyond the sport.”

Valdano opens his trap! Well this time he had nothing negative to say about Pellegrini, but rather took the time to evaluate the strengths of Barcelona being that the cule project is one that has been worked on for years while Real Madrid have a new president, new coach, and crap load of new players, which puts Madrid a step behind the eternal rival.  He notes that although Madrid are a bit unstable, Barcelona are not going through their best moment as was seen in Stuttgart.

However, my favorite part of this interview is when he speaks about Madrid’s cantera and the lack of players joining the first team:We are concerned, but the results will come in years or perhaps decades. For Real Madrid cantera has always been sensitive. What happens is that sometimes it rises spontaneously, as happened with the “Quinta del Buitre’or now with Barcelona. There are 110 players coming out of our cantera playing in First and Second division.” Yes Valdano, you are so concerned and that is why you sold Negredo and have spent money on players further decreasing their possibilities of making that leap. Sure, I believe you!

Moving on, Marca is reporting that Madrid is interested in 16 year old Romelu Lukaku, who is also known as the “new Drogba”. He plays for the Belgium team Anderlecht and his impressive form has also caught the attention of clubs like Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter and Milan. Tuttosport has reported that any serious takers will have to cough up 15 million euros for the teen striker. Here is a video to see Romelu in action:

Advice from Suker. Ex-Real Madrid player Davor Suker  has advised Raul to end his career at the English Premier League. “As a close friend, I would love for Raul to finish his career in London, as I’ve told him personally every time we have met. It would be nice for him to finish his career in tournament as nice as the English”, told Suker to Eurosport. Hmm… if this is true I want Suker to stay as far away from my beloved captain as much as possible. Anyhow, I am totally on board with what he said about Jesus Navas: “I know Del Nido (sevilla’s president). He has already sold Sevilla players to Madrid, and I hope that Jesus Navas in the future will be with Madrid.” Yeah me too Suker! Grande Suker!


Finally I close with my favorite quote of the day courtesy of this weeks main man, Pipita Higuain. Speaking to La Sexta, Higuain revealed that during his first months with Madrid he received the best (and awesome!) advice from Van Nistelrooy:

“Ruud told me that goals are like a bottle of kethcup.Sometimes they don’t come no matter how much you push, but later they all come out in one hit.”

So there you go kids and don’t ever forget these wise words from Uncle Ruud!

*FYI. Stuff on the upcoming Sevilla game will come later in the day.

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