Black Out!

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Remember that silly game Madrid was supposed to play in Albania to collect 2.5 million euros? Well they played it and beat Gramozi Ersek  2-1. I did not watch the game, but according to the reports Madrid left an ok image on the field, which is not surprising. Pellegrini was able to experiment and give opportunities to those who have not played like Raul, Granero, and Gago. Two of Madrid’s most questioned players of the galactico project, Kaka and Benzema were both able to score and lift just a tiny bit that cloud over their shoulders. One of the highlights of the game had to be Guti’s majestic pass for Benzema just to push the ball into goal. Only Guti! As it is commonly said when Guti wants to play there is no stopping him. And it is a shame that Guti cannot be consistent in his game. With half the lights out Guti managed to bring light to the game with his pass.

Well like I said the match was a so-so game and what caused much of the commotion was the fact that the game last three and a half hours due to a black out that left the whole stadium and parts of Tirana in the dark. The match was almost nearly suspended but fortunately after waiting for so long the game was able to resume. Good because the fans were really starting to get angry and it did not take long for the whistles to commence. The Albanian press has called this whole black out a shame and a national embarrassment. Nonetheless, they thank Real Madrid and apologize for the whole thing.

In the end, Madrid won the Taci Oil cup and bagged a cool sum of money to take back to Spain. The downside? They were supposed to return to Madrid at a specific time but because of the blackout had to take a later flight. Let us see if this does not affect them for this weekend.


Vikingo News!: The boys land in Albania, CR9 knows the goals will come, and Canales likes Madrid

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Sorry for the lack of updates but this madridista has been super busy with school and other important non-soccer related events. Next week should also be crazy, but I promise to bring as much details on Madrid as soon as I can. Ok now that thats out of the way, let’s get to business.

The boys land in Albania looking sharp! This really is not news but simply a friendly to bring in some money to the club. As we speak the team is playing the friendly right now against Gramozi Erseke, and are already losing 1-0. Yeesh! Once again a goal in the first minute. But chill as the boys said in a press conference, they wants the people to have fun at the game. Kaka, Ronaldo, and Raul were in the starting line-up.

CR9 and his dry spell. Its 2010 and Ronaldo still has not seen the back of the net. Now it is not like he hasn’t tried but the boy has not managed to score and show his six-pack since the festival of goal against Zaragoza. However, in that same press conference in Albania, Ronaldo insisted have paciencia!

“I’m not worried about not scoring goals lately. I always work the same way and I don’t get frustrated. I’m sure I’ll score again.”

“I was very happy in Manchester, but I am also happy in Madrid. My family loves the city.”

Canales and Pernia in an event for Racing - via Marca

Finally we speak of wonderkid Canales. As was reported by many of the Spanish press Valdano met up with Racing’s club president Pernia, to see if any sort of deal could be struck up for Sergio Canales. However, Pernia maintained the negotiations did not progress much further. Still, Madrid’s chances of obtaining him is not far from impossible as “el Presi del Racing” assured that Canales likes Madrid’s project. Although he admits that Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City are all in a fight to sign the player, but it is with Madrid that the negotiations are going in the right path. Nonetheless, no matter what club he joins the President has assured that the player will remain with Racing for one to two more years on loan.

Sergio Ramos was also asked about Canales where he stated that maybe now is not the best time for him to join Madrid because it would be hard to find a spot in the starting 11. He added that the best thing would be for him to sign for Madrid and remain on loan with Racing for another couple of years.  Rambo is right on this!

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