Feliz Cumple, Ricky!

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Fantastic news out of Real Madrid. First its my beloved Ricky’s birthday turning 28 years old! Secondly, if the day cannot get any sweeter for him, he finally joined the rest of the squad and took part of today’s training. *And cross our fingers that he will be able to fly with the team to Zaragoza* For a bit more on his presence at training click here!

Anyway, best wishes to Ricky and hope that his pesky injury is in the past and he can give his all to what is left in the competition. Vuelve la elegancia! Vuelve Kaka!


Feliz Cumple Ramos!

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Everyone’s favorite green jeans wearing and nipple rubbing defender is turning the big 24 today. Yes, his clothing choices are borderline tacky and it is also true that he suffers from the occasional bad haircut, but nevertheless Sergio Ramos continues to be a vital player within our squad. He arrived as Florentino’s lil’ baby as a 19 year old who many questioned whether the price tag was worth such an inexperience player, but time is proving that Sergio has been worth it. One of the few players to have survived Floren’s galactico project and now stands as Madrid’s fourth captain. He certainly still has some rough edges that need to be filed down, but again I repeat he is only 24 and has the world ahead of him. So happy birthday Sergio ‘Rambo’ Ramos! It is your day so I’ll overlook any ridiculously ugly outfit you wear for at least today.

Feliz Cumple, Rafa!

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What a beautiful family!

 Oh so sorry this was late, but better late than never! Anyway, we had another birthday boy at the White house this month and this time the man to blow the candles is Rafael Van der Vaart. The dutch man celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday and again we send our love to a player who has gone through a rough past year, but its 2010 and things seem to be looking way better for him professionally and personally. Furthermore, in yesterday’s presser he said he really wanted to play in Jerez and add icing to the cake by scoring a goal. I hope he plays and scores. Best wishes and stay pretty VDV!

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