Real Madrid vs. Mallorca: Madrid wins, so let it snow!

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You thought a little snow could stop this Madrid? Well the boys went out to face the cold weather and displayed another convincing performance beating 2-0 Mallorca. The light blanket of snow that covered the Bernabeu served as the beautiful backdrop to a Madrid who warmed the spirits of those few who bore with the climate to watch them play. There were fears that Mallorca could come into the White house and ruin our perfect home record in La Liga but Manzano’s Mallorca is a different team once they leave their secluded island. Mallorca froze and was just a block of ice for Madrid to chip away. And Madrid did a lot of chipping, creating chance after chance but with not much luck. Still through the creative genius of Higuain Madrid were able to get ahead with a curling shot into the net. Pipita once again there when you need him most. I would never trade a boy like him! Those who had criticized him for the opportunity he missed in Pamplona, were silenced by his performance yet again. And he did not only appear with his goal but also broke through with an assistance to El Pirata Granero who came into score the second of the night.  Bonus points for kissing el escudo!  With the two goals came the bringing down of the curtains where opportunities to score more passed but with little avail as both Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema were having an off night with precision. Three more points in the bag and now we wait for Barca to drop some points here and there. Overall, it was a lovely evening.


*Extra Merengue:

  • The elegance returns to the Bernabeu!  Kaka who had been suffering with pubalgia, had been sidelined since the match against Barcelona, but to the delight of the madridista’s the number 8 was healthy and back to prove his worth. Clearly still lacking form, he was able to put on a commanding performance, even with the opportunity to get on the score sheet. Good to have him back and I am sure 2010 will be the year of Ricky! Mark my words! 
  • Rafa Van der Vaart had stated that both he and Kaka were compatible to play together but a cruel fate has separated them. VDV had to come off the pitch just 21 minutes into the game with a strain on his left calf muscle. The medics have confirmed that he will be out for 2-3 weeks.
  • On the night of comebacks we also saw the return of the one and only, Guti. After the horror of the Alcorconazo and his disrespect to Pellegrini, Guti came into the match in the 83rd minute. Not surprisingly he was greeted by a divided crowd. Certainly there were those who greeted him with applause but there were also those who whistled and jeered the troubled player. It will take some time for the madridista’s to forgive him for his actions, but if he really wants to redeem himself he will have to give 110% each time in training and on the pitch.
  • Another player who has been questioned on his lack of quality performances was Fernando Gago, who has been scarcely used this season by Manu Pellegrini, made a return to the pitch with a starting role. Of course this only happened because the fantastic Lass was out due to suspension, but what needs to be highlighted is his really good performance yesterday. Credit needs to be given when it is due and Gago deserves the praise. He took an opportunity that was handed to him and made the best out of it. He made very few mistake defensively and even corrected the errors of Alonso who gave a poor showing. Bravo Gago, now just do that more often!

Vikingo News!: Iker to America, CR9 not adapted yet, and Mallorca’s little secrets!

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The shaggy looking Casillas spoke to ‘Marca’ today where he revealed that if he were to one day leave Madrid it would not be to another European club, but rather to the U.S. We would love to have him here! When asked about which would he prefer a World Cup or the Champions league title he responded, “It is like asking a mother which child is her favorite. Both are very important and if we can at least be in either one of the finals it would mean that we’ve done things right this season.” He then gave props to his current defensive line by saying that “its been awhile since we’ve had such a good defense.” I agree! (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo admits to ‘A Bola’ that he is still not 100% adapted to his new club and the pressures that come with it, however, he is getting used to it. The Portugese star adds that everyone judged him but now people see him in a different light, “When I first arrived to Madrid all they wrote about was the nightlife and girlfriends. Now they talk about the goals I score, about my performance, and the team.” And like always Ronaldo sets his goals high by wanting to be included in the top 3 list of best players over the next five years. Really only over the next five years? Come on dream bigger CR9!

To conclude today’s post it is important to remember that this weekend Madrid will be playing La Liga’s revelation team Mallorca. This will be one tough cookie to crack as Mallorca are undefeated in their home turf and are playing really good under the hands of Manzano. But you say it doesn’t matter because Madrid will be playing in the Bernabeu where we are also undefeated! Well although that is true it is crucial to keep in mind that Mallorca has been known in the years past to steal several points from Los Blanco’s home. They have never been easy and with the way they are playing at the moment I am sure they will put up a real fight. They are a serious threat! Therefore we must get to know the enemy as much as possible. We need to know all little insignificant facts that take up valuable space in our brain. Like for instance, Mallorca before they go out to play like to listen to some Bob Marley to get the engines going. Yes it is stuff like that which will help us win this weekend. Or maybe not but its cool to know they like Bob Marley! Anyway here’s the video where we see their locker rooms and learn other fun or useless facts.

Let’s hope this weekend is good for us Madridista’s!

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