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Well by now we all know that Manuel Pellegrini is no longer our head coach and that a certain ‘Special One’ has been elected to supposedly bring us what Pellegrini couldn’t: silverware. But nevertheless this man deserves a standing ovation for what he gave to the club and what he was put through by certain hound dogs who were relentless in his persecution.

He never had the support of the President and never had a say in what players he wanted that would fit best to his vision. He was given a bunch of pieces to an incomplete puzzle, and yet despite those hurdles he managed to produce a record-breaking Real Madrid side. Unlike the filth that run our club, the supporters knew that what we needed most is for the Chilean to stay. The polls that Tito Floren loves so much proved how we felt, but yet our voices were unheard. How can we claim this club to be of señores when an outstanding coach is treated so appallingly awful.  El Mister deserved better and we as supporters deserve better as well from our institution. Personally, I believe we lose a lot with the departure of El señor Pellegrini who with his style of football promised so much, but yet was never allowed to fully dig his hands into giving this Madrid a real identity. 

Buena suerte Señor Pellegrini! I hope that where ever you land you prove to the Madrid honchos how wrong they were to have ever let you go!

*I am not ready to speak about Mourinho. All I will say is that a man who  waits around for another man to drop dead in order to take their job, can never have my respect.


El Clasico: The tender murder of los blancos

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Another year of the same story...

It is true that at least we did not have to suffer an agonizing 2-6 again, but it does not change the fact that this 0-2 is just as bad. Too much Barcelona for a Madrid with no answers or football to hit back. Pathetic and impotent are the only way to describe Pellegrini’s men, who were under the hypnotizing control of los cule for almost the entirety of the game. The worse part is that this Barcelona did not even play their best game, but rather were playing at half steam. It was almost insulting how they just passed the ball on their half of the field as though they knew that this Madrid had no ideas or courage to come for them and challenge for the ball. Valdes to Pique, Pique to Kieta, Kieta to Puyol, and then back to Valdes and the whole time Madrid looked with confusion as the ball moved back and forward. And when Pedro scored the second they became more vicious with their gentle attitude because they knew there would be no resurrection for this Madrid. They had buried them, but weren’t willing to go on a rampage killing because they preferred another more cruel method: Let them die slowly in their own misery. If Barcelona would have really wanted to they could have slipped in another 6 goals against Iker, but that would be too easy for them and just watching our helplessness sufficed the appetite of the azulgranas. As the minutes passed our desperation grew more intense and our wretchedness more evident for the world to see. Yes those cules left us naked and exposed for what we were: Individual talent and nothing more! This was their plan and the number one assassin leading los cule, Guardiola accomplished the tender murder of los blancos in a brilliant fashion. No this was no 2-6, but los azulgrana did not need to break a sweat as they have their minds on the bigger prize, coming to the Bernabeu on May 22 to finish the job.

*Despite the loss and the poor image I still maintain my stance that Pellegrini must stay. Mistakes were made by el Mister but again I repeat that this loss is just as much the fault of the player as it his.
Secondly, I do think that although there are 21 points left to play for the league it does seem more than impossible for us to win. We will need of not just one miracle but two, and honestly I can’t see Barcelona slipping up in two games. Another year of nothingness. Cibeles will just have to wait…

Tito Floren’s shady work

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My gut told me something was wrong and unfortunately for me my gut is never wide of the mark. Just a couple of days ago I mentioned to you guys about a certain survey going around the Bernabeu the day of the Sporting match, and well yesterday when I checked Don Balon they confirmed that a survey was being held asking the fans/socios the following:

1. Which players should Real Madrid sign?
2. Who should be the manager?
3. Rate from a 0-10 Perez presidency so far.

Now so far all we know is that Sigma Dos is the one who conducted the survey but who asked for it to be conducted is still up in the air. One paper reports that its Florentino and others that the Madrid press is behind this. At first my initial thought was that it was Madrid press but now that I really think about it it has to be the main honchos at the ‘White House’.

It is no surprise that Tito Floren is a man of numbers. Always has been, pero vamos what lack of respect toward the current manager Pellegrini. Seriously he claims he has learned from the mistakes of the past but if anything we are going in the same direction if all this is true. It is expected for the press to write horrid words of Pellegrini, but for the President to go behind his back and conduct such a survey is simply shady.

Marca already has announced that they will be posting the results for the first question tomorrow morning, but will probably wait to see what the numbers are for the second question. Don Balon on the other hand reports that it is Florentino who will see where the numbers swing and if it is against Pellegrini, then allow for either (or both) AS or Marca to publish it.

We all know that the majority of the madridista’s are behind Pellegrini, but unfortunately there are those at the top who are ready to see a head roll no matter what the numbers say. It seems that Pellegrini’s days are counted whether we like it or not.

Madrid vs. Sporting: Three points and nothing more…

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Let us not be fooled by the final result. Madrid’s performance was ugly and it was only touched up by the goals from VdV, Xabi, and Pipita. We maybe breaking records with our goals and victories, but the team is still not convincing when it comes to their football. I’m not going to lie but Saturday’s performance leaves me worried especially considering what the team has left in this final stretch of La Liga. The lack of organization and drive shown by the players leaves me unsatisfied despite having obtained all three points. No me gusto pa’ nada! If it weren’t for los blancos being blessed with the tenacity of goal up front and the shoddy work by the ref (in no way should he be in 1st division), I honestly do not think that we would still be atop of the league today. Anyway, it is quite clear that such a poor performance by our lads has left me on edge so I think it is best that we move on. Here is a quick list of my observations from the game:

1. First I want to give a round of applause to Preciado’s men who had no fear and simply played their game. They were giving a complete performance until Barral scored which led to a fire being lit under the butts of our players to finally show some reaction. It was in those three or four crazy minutes where Sporting lost a match that for a good chunk of the time they had had a good control of. A team with a lot heart and maybe not enough fortune on their side.

2. Why must we always play with a double pivot? To begin it has been awhile since Lass has had a decent performance and acts more of a burden along side of Xabi. Secondly, although I’m a strong believer of respecting our opponent, was El Mister really that scared of Sporting that he found it necessary to put so much muscle in the midfield? Simply, this game did not call for a doble pivot.

3. One of the TV correspondents mentioned that prior to the start of the match there were several individuals who were going around the Bernabeu conducting a survey asking the fans questions like: “What players they would like to see for next season?”, “Who should be the new manager?”, and if my memory is correct the last question was “What players should leave?” Now the importance isn’t what the fans had to say in this survey, but the fact that there are people who continue to find a way in destabilizing our club is what really irks me. When the correspondent asked those conducting the survey who had sent them to do the job, they responded that it was the club. The club officials vehemently denied this. Either someone is lying or this is the work of the witch hunt Preciado had been talking about.

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