There is No More Time to Fail

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Pipita missed two great opportunities against Osasuna that would have given Madrid the top spot after Villarreal gave them a hand by taking a valuable point from the Catalans. After watching Pipita missed the last opportunity in front of goal I knew this would not be Super Pippa’s night nor Madrids. Pamplona is his territory where he has delighted us with important goals but last night he was just off. A gray performance overall where the most outstanding player was Ezequiel Garay, who is proving that there is no need to look in the winter transfer market for a replacement because he is just the right man. Still, I was quite surprised by the way the team came into the game with a slow start into the attack as though this was just another game and not the chance to be the new leaders. During the break Manu Pellegrini must have reminded them that winter break was over and that first place was there for grabs, for the team entered the second half creating several opportunities but Osasuna true to their style put up a fight not giving Madrid the space they needed to play their football. However, it is in the minutes when Madrid were beginning to get a hold of the game that Pellegrini made his first mistake of the night. He took out Pipita in order to bring in Raul and also substituted Van der Vaart for Benzema. After these two left the pitch the team looked once again lackluster and desperate for some sort of miracle that never came. The game was dying out while Madrid’s chance to break out from second place also burned out.

Certainly, the second half performance was good from the merengues but when you know first place is on the line, ‘good’ in is not good enough. In Barcelona’s match against Villarreal we saw how a feisty ‘submarino’ almost ran out of the Camp Nou with all three points had the referee not looked the other way on the two penalties committed by Dani Alves and Carles Puyol. With the way they play and these little favors Barca are handed it is hard to see them dropping many points from what is left in La Liga. For that reason Madrid need to be ready to pounce when the carcass is there for the taking. No more speculation, it is time to get serious if we really want to be champions.

*Lass and Sergio Ramos were booked with their fifth yellow and will miss their match against the well oiled Mallorca at the Bernabeu.


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