Hasta Pronto…

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In football and in every sport losing a game or a title is one of the greatest pains believed to exist, but this week having to say farewell to two of our beloved and best players has to be one of the most difficult moments for me personally as a madridista. The pain of not having them there next season is inconsolable and I am literally holding back the tears having to write this right now. So I will be brief and maybe later when I get over this emotional slump I will expand on my admiration for these two symbols of el club blanco.

Gracias Guti!…

Guti our eternal promise that never shined the way he should have but when he did it was one of those moments that you never forget. So simple yet so magnificent. Un genio , un crack capable of the impossible. The critics never understood him and characterized him as someone who never cared about the game but those tears in the press conference demonstrated that he really did care and has always cared. Well anyway it is because of Guti and those glimpses of beauty that I understood why I loved this sport so much. Thank you, Maestro!

Gracias Raul!…

Our Angel of Madrid why must you leave us? The ideal would have been to have him stay in Madrid and see him retire from football here, but deep down although the majority of the madridista’s feel this way we all know that it is a bit selfish on our part. The man still has the need to compete at the highest levels and play regular football, and we cannot deny him this opportunity to explore different seas. So for his happiness we must let him go but never forget all that he had given to the madridismo. The goals, glories, silverware, but more importantly his heart and soul. He may leave to Germany or even England but he will eternally be ours to cherish and admire. Our captain gracias por todo! Raulista hasta la muerte!!!


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