Vikingo News!: Champions DNA, Valdano, the new Drogba, Suker’s advice, and ketchup!

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Well if you are really lucky and fortunate to have the dinero to buy Champions league tickets, then you will be happy to know that tickets for this year’s final at the Bernabeu will be available for purchase on March 8th through the 19th. Any lucky son of a bitch that can go, can buy their tickets at UEFA’s official site, but you have to be quick because there are only 11,000 seats available to the general public. Prices will range from 300 to 90 euros so I hope everyone’s collected enough plastic bottles and work those extra shifts!

Anyway, as can be seen by the picture Cris and Raul were there at the presentation of the golden ticket along with Florentino who stated that “Real Madrid love the Champions League above anything else. The club has the word Europe marked in their DNA. ”  Tito Floren added that he wants everything to be ready for that special European night: On May 22, everything has to be impeccable, as the final goes beyond the sport.”

Valdano opens his trap! Well this time he had nothing negative to say about Pellegrini, but rather took the time to evaluate the strengths of Barcelona being that the cule project is one that has been worked on for years while Real Madrid have a new president, new coach, and crap load of new players, which puts Madrid a step behind the eternal rival.  He notes that although Madrid are a bit unstable, Barcelona are not going through their best moment as was seen in Stuttgart.

However, my favorite part of this interview is when he speaks about Madrid’s cantera and the lack of players joining the first team:We are concerned, but the results will come in years or perhaps decades. For Real Madrid cantera has always been sensitive. What happens is that sometimes it rises spontaneously, as happened with the “Quinta del Buitre’or now with Barcelona. There are 110 players coming out of our cantera playing in First and Second division.” Yes Valdano, you are so concerned and that is why you sold Negredo and have spent money on players further decreasing their possibilities of making that leap. Sure, I believe you!

Moving on, Marca is reporting that Madrid is interested in 16 year old Romelu Lukaku, who is also known as the “new Drogba”. He plays for the Belgium team Anderlecht and his impressive form has also caught the attention of clubs like Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter and Milan. Tuttosport has reported that any serious takers will have to cough up 15 million euros for the teen striker. Here is a video to see Romelu in action:

Advice from Suker. Ex-Real Madrid player Davor Suker  has advised Raul to end his career at the English Premier League. “As a close friend, I would love for Raul to finish his career in London, as I’ve told him personally every time we have met. It would be nice for him to finish his career in tournament as nice as the English”, told Suker to Eurosport. Hmm… if this is true I want Suker to stay as far away from my beloved captain as much as possible. Anyhow, I am totally on board with what he said about Jesus Navas: “I know Del Nido (sevilla’s president). He has already sold Sevilla players to Madrid, and I hope that Jesus Navas in the future will be with Madrid.” Yeah me too Suker! Grande Suker!


Finally I close with my favorite quote of the day courtesy of this weeks main man, Pipita Higuain. Speaking to La Sexta, Higuain revealed that during his first months with Madrid he received the best (and awesome!) advice from Van Nistelrooy:

“Ruud told me that goals are like a bottle of kethcup.Sometimes they don’t come no matter how much you push, but later they all come out in one hit.”

So there you go kids and don’t ever forget these wise words from Uncle Ruud!

*FYI. Stuff on the upcoming Sevilla game will come later in the day.


Van Gol, thanks for the memories!

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Sadly, our deadly striker leaves us. Van Nistelrooy had been wanting more minutes and came to the conclusion that in Madrid those opportunities would be scarce. True or not the man wants to play another world cup before he retires and who are we to deny him that. As much as I would have loved to have kept the man of many goals I would not want to see the beloved Van Gol rotting on the bench waiting for his chance. He simply deserves better. For all he gave us it is best to see him go and find what he loves most, the hunt for goal. He may be a veteran but that hunger never leaves a man. Nevertheless, I will miss his presence inside the box just waiting for the kill and I am sure several goalkeepers in Spain are happy to see Van Terror leave. They will have one less problem and can sleep better at night. For all those nightmares that he gave the opposing teams, he gave us Madridista’s countless sore throats from all the yelling we did in our celebrations whenever he scored. One of the few good things that came out of Calderon’s presidency was the signature of Van Nistelrooy. For at the time no one believed in a revival in his career, but Capello the genius that he is, personally asked for him. And what a blessing of a decision. I don’t remember how many times I have seen that game against Zaragoza during the Capello era, but it is because of Van Gol that he kept us alive and believing that that season would be our year. Unforgettable. A season to remember! He finished in his first season pichichi a feat that not many can claim. He was one goal shy of taking the Golden Boot. You scored for us so many goals in all shapes and flavors. Pretty ones and ugly ones, but always important goals. An example on and off the field and it is not surprising that he won the crowd over 1000 times. Not many players can claim to have won the hearts of the madridismo in such a short amount of time. But something about Van Nistelrooy’s humble and kind persona that led to such love and respect for one of the greatest forwards this club has had in the last couple of years. It has been an honor to have seen him don the white kit and sweat for this club since the moment he arrived. A true definition of what a madridista should be like. Once again thanks for everything. Go get em’ in Germany!

Vikingo News!: Canales says yes!, Van Gol to Hamburg, and a school for Haiti

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via Sport

So it is not official yet, but it seems that Canales is already in the bag and will be calling the Bernabeu home soon Marca, AS, and Sport  are reporting that Madrid have reached a verbal agreement for Canales and pretty much  all that is needed is his signature and some other minor details. Racing will receive 6 million euros and just as was expected the 18 year old will remain for one or two more years on loan. He many other options, but when Madrid comes a knockin’ its hard to say ‘no’.

Van Nistelrooy is just about set to leave Madrid. Understandably, Van Gol is looking for minutes in order to take part in his last world cup, and he knows that staying with Madrid he just might miss that flight. Many clubs had shown interest in the veteran striker but it looks like German club Hamburg has obtained his services. Hamburg’s medical staff arrived in Madrid to examine Ruud’s physical state which he has passed and it will only be a matter of hours until Van Gol is announced as Hamburg’s newest player. So sad to see him go, but this is probably the  best for him. Truly a grand professional and an even better person. Mucha suerte crack!

Lastly, Real Madrid have presented today their project to help Haiti after the massive earthquake that hit trapping and killing many. The Real Madrid Foundation and the organization  ‘Acoger y Compartir’ will come together to help rebuild the St. Gerard School in the Carrefour-Feuilles neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. They also have plans to build a football and social academy for children to obtain the proper health and nutrition. Raul, Casillas, and Ramos attented the presentation  of the Project Haiti. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez said the following about the plans to help Haiti:

“Our goal is to help rebuild the future. We have another inherent humanitarian challenge before us which is none other than to rebuild the St. Gerard School, where 300 children were trapped in the rubble. Haiti needs us all and this project is of the utmost importance.”

For more on this very important cause click here.

Another Spanish club that has extended their hand of support to Haiti is Barcelona, who have donated 250,000 euros for Haiti relief. The people of Haiti need all the aid they can get and it is great to see the world of football doing their part to help out.

You can also help out, to learn how click here. The page has several reliable sources were you can donate.

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