Racing v. Madrid: Perfect result before facing Barca

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This 2-0 is a fantastic result and I wouldn’t have changed anything from it. Not even our dull performance against a non existant Racing can change my mind that this was the perfect way to head into the ultra important El Classico match. I know many of you would have prefered for Madrid to have bombarded El Sardinero with a shower of goals and hell if our football would have shined it would have been a serious message of authority to the Catalan squad and a confident booster for us. However, I have noticed a pattern that whenever Madrid win by a large margin and get all praise from the press they tend to  get too cocky and end up looking like fools in their next match. It happened after the Sevilla remontada, where we faced Lyon believing that we were all that and instead ended up with cake on our faces. If I recall correctly we had the exact same experiences with Milan and the past season with Barcelona. Trust me, this humble and rather lazy result is what we needed to focus on our strengths and more importantly our weaknesses, and not fall into an ego trip. Our performance against Racing leaves us on our toes wanting to demonstate a more positive image and a greater motivation to show why we are the current leaders of La Liga (even if Alves is in denial). Plus, Racing were never really a measure for us and the most important thing was to come out of  el Sardinero with the three points and with all our players in one piece and injury free.

*Just wanted to add that although Canales had a relatively quiet evening I still find this kid to be a gem. One of the few players who tried to bring his team to life, but Canales lacked the partnership to explode and produce something extra. Moreover, if that vaselina would not have gone wide who knows what the final score would have been. Still, the audacity of the young Canales to bust out with la vaselina against his near  future team  is what leaves me very satisfied and certain that this kid was meant to dress in white.


Florentino’s New Gift to El Madridismo

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canales fichado

After a very long meeting between Valdano and Racing’s President Pernia, they have finally closed all negotiations and Sergio Canales will don the white kit. It was decided that Madrid will pay for his services five million euros. As previously mentioned Canales will stay on loan with Racing for the next season, but will do the pre-season with Real Madrid come this summer. Madrid are also considering including a clause that if by chance Madrid were to allow him to play for the 2010-2011 season they could excerisise that right, although they would have to pay Racing a compensation.

El chaval will play with Real Madrid for the next six season and earn 1.5 million euros a year. Great news for Canales especially after the cold bucket of water that was poured on Racing by Atletico. Now we wait for the contract to be made so Canales can sign it. Bueno señores, excelente fichaje, no?

Vikingo News!: Pellegrini fights back, Marcelo til 2015, and Sportsman of the year!

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  • Pellegrini hits back at Valdano! I have been meaning to post on this topic but time just hasnt been on my side but I’ll give you guys a rundown on the Valdano vs. Pellegrini sitch.

Round 1: After the Depor match, Valdano told the press that it was messed up that no canterano’s made their debut which would have been nice for them. He added that maybe Pellegrini did not know them well enough to trust them to play. Stab to the back of Pellegrini and the press goes wild!

Round 2: Players come to the defense of Pellegrini stating that Pellegrini has confidence in the players and that they regularly train with the canteranos. Granero and Marcos (cantera) believe that he has faith in them. Does this makes Valdano look bad? hmm maybe not.

Round 3: Pellegrini comes back with an upper cut and puts Valdano in his place! He says it is not his job to worry about the cantera but nonetheless he knows to perfection all the players of Castilla. Bam in your face Valdano! He added that in El Riazor it was more important for the team to win than whether a canterano made their debut. Now we wait for round 4: Valdano’s response and knowing Valdano he surely will have one. For the presser click aqui! (just realized that the official site makes no mention of Valdano so I’ll post the video provided by Marca including the printed statement, click here).

  • Oh no, Marcelo signed an extension to his contract!  I’m not a fan of Marcelo but he has some good performances sprinkled here and there, still the thought of having him on the team until 2015 just baffles me. I don’t get it! Anyway, for more on this click here.

  • Finally, the Provintial Council of Guadalajara has honored Iker Casillas with the Honourary Award to the Most Noteworthy National Sportsman of the Year! Congrats to Iker! Ikermania all over the place! Here is what Casillas had to say at the award ceremony:

“Thank you for this honor. This award is much more special than other sports awards,” said Casillas as he accepted the award from Maria Antonia Perez Leon, the President of the Council. “We are not obligated to help others, but it is our moral duty. It makes us grow as people. This award will sit alongside all the most important awards I have won throughout my career.”

*Extra merengue:

Just read on AS that Canales will be a Real Madrid player! There had been a lengthy group meeting between the two parties today to get this over with, but so far it is only AS that is producing this story. More on it when it becomes official or more details become available!

Canales, the chicas love him!

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the girls (and that one dude) got Canales fever! via AS

He hasn’t even signed officially for Real Madrid, but it seems like the kid already has a strong fan girl following. Sergio Canales, leaving the training grounds of Santander, was followed by a mob of screaming girls looking for a chance to stand next to their new ‘idol’. Only 18 and it seems like he is living the life. Hopefully none of this gets to his head.

Returning into the football aspect of this site, did anyone see him against Osasuna? Man, this chaval seems like the real deal. I know there has been much hype around him and the fact that he is only 18 seems like a dangerous bet to take, but I seriously feel this kid is a monster who unleashes some wicked football. So glad he decided to join Madrid! Madridista’s makes sure to watch him this weekend against Getafe.

Here is a video of his goal against Osasuna. Un tremendo golazo! Enjoy.


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