Feliz Cumple Ramos!

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Everyone’s favorite green jeans wearing and nipple rubbing defender is turning the big 24 today. Yes, his clothing choices are borderline tacky and it is also true that he suffers from the occasional bad haircut, but nevertheless Sergio Ramos continues to be a vital player within our squad. He arrived as Florentino’s lil’ baby as a 19 year old who many questioned whether the price tag was worth such an inexperience player, but time is proving that Sergio has been worth it. One of the few players to have survived Floren’s galactico project and now stands as Madrid’s fourth captain. He certainly still has some rough edges that need to be filed down, but again I repeat he is only 24 and has the world ahead of him. So happy birthday Sergio ‘Rambo’ Ramos! It is your day so I’ll overlook any ridiculously ugly outfit you wear for at least today.


Los Azulones looking to cause havoc…

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During today's training

Getafe our little brother in blue who always manages to come to the party and find a way to spoil it for us older kids. I don’t know about you but that’s how I feel when Madrid have to play los Azulones. It doesn’t matter where we play, be it the Bernabeu or the Alfonso Perez, they always find a way to treat us to a surprise whether we like it or not. However, you can’t hate them because not only are they family (full of canteranos and a white legend for coach), but they have also shown that they can give a lending hand by pestering our rivals (just ask Barca). But anyway, our lil’ bro rears its head to see what trouble it can cause in our hopes for the league and well we will have to bust out with our best noogies, wet willies, and wedgies to show who is boss!

Anyhow, being more serious I think it is fair to say that what we saw this past weekend was a ghastly Real Madrid and not what we expected from a team that claims to want to win the league this season. So it is time to clean up our image and tune back to the team we were before the whole Lyon debacle. You don’t just lose that all of sudden and I desire that we rediscover our football against el Geta. Joder, we need to! It is the week of derbi madrileños and with that comes passion and pressure, and this one maybe the riskiest of the two. We have to be on our guard with Michel’s men!

Furthermore, it is centenary time for Pipa! It seems like so long ago when the 19 year old Argentine would here the whistles and jeers from the madridista’s who believed he was not worthy of dressing in white, but now it is another story. He has become our Pipita of los milagros and our main man in goal. There is no arguing that he has established himself as an important figure at our club and against Getafe he will reach his 100th match. To think he is only 22 years old and has a whole future ahead of him. I’m sure he will be looking to make this encounter a special one. Suerte Pipita!

Video: Because Getafe hasn’t been in first division very long it once again was a task looking for a special highlight to show you. Plus, most of our encounters with them have not been to our delight. In five meetings at the Alfonso Perez, Madrid have only won one and seen Getafe take all the points three times. Let’s cross our fingers that our numbers improve after this visit. But getting back to the video, this one goes back to the 07-08, which is the only time Madrid have come out victorious. The goal originates with a superbly wonderful assist from the bald ungrateful one (Robben) to Ramos who not only scores but ends with more than he asked for. Some goals are so good that they hurt in this case. Enjoy!

Lyon vs Madrid: Rambo and the headless chicken

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This was not the Lyon we had been expecting nor was this the Madrid that had inflated us with enthusiasm. This was a ‘360’ Lyon that looked nothing like the team that ranks fourth in the league. They came out on fire from the start with better chances. They were brilliant and thankfully were kind enough in not scoring more as they easily could have humiliated us with a 4-0 result. Their sticky and suffocating defense and midfield were more than Madrid had anticipated. Once again over confidence blew over the madridismo expecting a ‘weak team’ to simply hand us the ticket to the next round. Tsk tsk Madrid, asi no! In the Champions League there are no gifts and to get far you have to work, something Madrid failed to do throughout the 90 minutes. To put it in better terms: We were awful! Nothing worked for us and Lyon put it all on evidence.

Marcelo showed yet again that he has not one defensive bone in his body. If I never saw him on defense again I would be more than happy! Govou took advantage of his atrocious performance and leaned all the attack on his flank. If it was not for a fantastic Ramos who multiplied all over the defense, who knows how much worse the damage could have been. Every time Marcelo went forward, Rambo was their to clear off the danger. His duties were doubled but he responded like a champ each time. Rambo continues to convince me that in the center of the defense is where he belongs. There may be those who disagree with my opinion, but Rambo was our best player who actually lived up to what is expected of any player who dons the white kit. Hell, not only did he do his defensive duties but also had the best chance to score with a header in the final stage of the game. It is a shame that none of our other players were influenced by his performance.

After Rambo I don’t think I can praise anyone else. We did not play as a team, but rather relied on sparks of individualism by our star players. Kaka once he woke up from his coma tried to bring Madrid to life, but found himself denied by the solid defense. CR9 was a bag full of tricks, but nothing more. Sadly there was no bromantic connection as we had seen in Jerez. Pipita never received the service necessary as both Xabi and Diarra were more worried on defensive duties and failed when they tried to turn the offensive switch on. And well everyone else was simply gray. Even Casillas, who I usually put on a pedestal was a hot mess almost giving a easy second goal to Lyon. There was not one speck of this Madrid that resembled the team that had shown so much heart and football in our previous games. Furthermore, there was no leader on the field to put the weight of the team on their shoulders and take control. We were a headless chicken running and going nowhere. It really was a sad image to see.

So it seems as though the ghost of the round of sixteen rears its ugly little head again, threatening to make it six years of being eliminated prematurely. Although a 1-0 result is not the end of the world, I do have my fears that Madrid will not be able to turn it around. I can already imagine the game plan Lyon’s coach Puel will place at the Bernabeu. Yes, more of that suffocating and frustrating pressure displayed in this leg of the Champions League, and I would expect nothing less because it worked to perfection. There are 90 tense minutes left to this match and all I can hope for is that the Bernabeu continues to be the fortress that it has been up to this point, oh and one more thing, I await Guti’s return… y muy pronto por favor!

Vikingo News!; Raul could leave in 2011, Ramos would sign Iniesta, and Pepe’s kind words to Felipe Luis

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via AS

AS is reporting that supposedly Raul’s agent told Soccernet that his client could leave Madrid in 2011, seeing as Raul has only been in the starting line-up six times in La Liga since Pellegrini took reins as manager. As a self declared Raulista it pains me to hear such news, but part of me tells me this story ain’t all that true. So I am not too worried. Furthermore, AS continues that his agent has recognized that Raul may well end up in the Premier League, but adds that their are other options like Quatar and the U.S. This is where my bullshit radar goes up on this story because so far I have not heard anywhere of any English clubs being interested in grabbing Raul. Is this a ploy by Raul’s agent to get him to play more minutes. Is it a threat of “I am leaving ” in order for the club to give Raul the need of being important? I don’t know, but unless Raul himself comes out saying he wants to leave, then I simply will disregard this story. 

In an interview with Don Balon, Sergio Ramos spoke about how Pellegrini has found the ideal style of football for this team, his injuries, and praises the great abilities of Karim Benzema. However, what stood out in the interview was his response on who he would sign from Barcelona for Madrid. He said none other than Casper himself, Andres Iniesta. Hmm not to step out of bounds with my madridismo, but he is also my favorite player of Barcelona. Until I find an English transcript of the interview I will post up what I found on the official site and also the don balon site for the entire interview. Real Madrid (English and only parts of the interview).  And Don Balon( in spanish) 

Finally we end with the sweet words Pepe had for Felipe Luis, who suffered a horrifying injury to his knee against Atletic Bilbao.  

“I wish to send an affectionate message to Filipe Luis. Images from his injury have caused an impact on all of us. He is a player who has proved his worth nonetheless.” 

“He is a jolly person who is strong enough to get over this. He will prove to be a fighter off the pitch and we hope he recovers soon to thrill football fans with his game again. I wish to send him all my support.” 

Animo Felipe Luis!

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