El Factor H

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My father once said that football not only depends on the skills one has, but sometimes it requires a lot of heart, but more importantly ‘el factor H’. El factor H that my father refers to is el factor huevo, for those non-Spanish speakers it simply means to have balls. So although it is a bit sexist, my father was right that at times to face adversity you need to have balls of steel, and go against the current to get what you want. On Saturday, we saw that factor H my father had spoken of take over the players in white who fought like wild madmen for what we knew belonged to them: those three points and the leadership. It took them 20 minutes into the game to combine the deadly blend of football and el factor H, but when they did Sevilla had no answer to the testosterone and adrenaline driven warriors in front of them throwing every missile in their artillery to bring down the spectacular Palop, who did his best to stop the inevitable. Every lunge into attack reminded me of the film 300 were the Spartans brutally kill their opponent and all for one cause: “For Sparta!” Well at the Bernabeu there was no blood or guts spewing on the lovely green, but certainly we crushed the hearts of the Sevillistas who for a moment thought they had it in the bag, but they really should have never expected it to be this easy. No not with this Madrid, who has that factor H to climb the mountain and cross the ocean to raise their flag and shout to the heavens: SOMOS LIDERES!!! Yes, I know that this does not guarantee that we will win the league title and maybe some of the madridismo is overreacting with what we have experienced this past weekend, but I’ll be DAMNED we needed to live a game like this. It was necessary to suffer and then have that rush of thunderous ecstasy take over the grounds of Chamartin. We needed for the Bernabeu to experience yet again the magic of la remontada to remind us that it all depends on us to beat Lyon. Vamos Madrid, because we havent won anything yet!


Ready or not, here comes Sevilla

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Let us not kid ourselves this match against Sevilla will be crucial in our fight to obtain the league. It will be our biggest test to see if we are real competition to win this league and whether we stand a real chance against Lyon, which is only days away. This game, although some may want to see it as just another game, can ultimately set the tone for our chances in everything. Will we be the last team standing after those 90 minutes at the Bernabeu? I don’t know because if there is one thing I have learned from these games against Sevilla is that its full of surprises and of course goals, and lots of them. Some of the most passionate, electrifying, and nervous filled games I have ever experienced come when Madrid face Sevilla. I do not expect this Saturday’s game to be any different, but if I have to go through a roller coaster of emotions I hope that in the end we have kept our perfect home record and hopefully set a bit of fear in our European rival, Lyon. Fingers crossed!

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Guti makes a return. After being sidelined for quite some time with a sports hernia, the always questionable Guti could make a comeback against Sevilla as he has been included in the roster. Speaking of the blonde one, he spoke to Real Madrid’s official site and said that he was anxious to play and reflect’s on how much fun playing against Sevilla has been in the past. “I have always played well against Sevilla. Our recent matches against them have been fun to watch. There have been a ton of goals and Real Madrid has tended to win. We hope this year is the same.”
  2. So who’s out and who’s in? Well its the same players as the previous match that will be absent: Drenthe, Benzema, and Pepe. Those who will make it include: GOALKEEPERS: Casillas, Dudek.
    DEFENDERS: Ramos, Albiol, Arbeloa, Metzelder, Marcelo, Garay.
    MIDFIELDERS: Diarra, Gago, Lass, Xabi Alonso, Granero, Kaka, Guti, Van der Vaart.
    FORWARDS: Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul, Higuain.
  3. The duel of the saints. This weekend we will see two fantastic goalkeepers go face to face. Spain’s Cuatro has seen this as the perfect opportunity to interview the Saint of Seville at a church. He appreciates the praise he gets from the fans, but he personally does not like to mix church with football. Fair enough… so who’s wings will have to do overtime on Saturday? Hopefully not the guardian of Madrid! Watch the vid (its in Spanish)here.

4. In terms of Sevilla, they will be missing the Brazilian Renato, which means that Fazio will probably pair up with Zokora in the midfield. Another player that for good fortune will be M.I.A is Luis Fabiano who still has not recovered from his injury, but we cant be counting our blessing yet because Seville still have a deadly artillary with Negredo and Kanoute up front. My biggest fear is our own boy Negredo who could rain in our parade if we are not careful.
5. Navas and Perotti are my biggest concern. Those two can and probably will drive us crazy with their runs up the flanks, so our defense needs to be top notch and fully concentrated. Unless El Mister surprises us those in the back will be Ramos-Albiol-Garay-Arbeloa in order to secure that those two stay put and as far away as possible from Iker. Let’s hope it works.
6. Like I said earlier this game is always flooded with goals and if you don’t believe me check this stat out. In this decade alone there encounters have had the most goals in the league with 70 goals in 17 games. Impressive!


Well as always I leave you with a very special video that captures the greatness of these meetings between los merengues and the boys from Nervion. If you thought Guti’s taconazo in Coruna was impressive, this one is also worthy of a standing ovation. Enjoy!

It ended in Sevilla

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via Marca

Well what was thought as impossible has happened. Barcelona the winning machine has finally been knocked down to reality with their defeat to Sevilla. Yes, I know, I must recognize that Barca went down in flames fighting, but in the end they lost. There was no miracle Chelsea goal by Iniesta or Pedro’s last-minute screamer in the World Cup of clubs. The miracles simply ran out and Barca will not be able to repeat their success of last season. I truly believe this is where the focus should go. Sevilla with an enormous Palop showed that the Giant can be slain. Keep in mind that Sevilla had been punished by numerous injuries and the absence of players to the African Cup, so this was a less than stellar Sevilla, but nonetheless they brought down the champ. A demonstration of how to stop the hurricane at your door was displayed by Sevilla’s 11 men, and I hope other clubs took note. Keep the two legs of this match on video or DVR and learn from it. The king is strong, but not invincible.

Does this make me happy? I would be a liar if I did not admit that a certain joy came over me with the blowing of the whistle. But I will not celebrate or shove it the faces of my fellow cules. Although I should, for their arrogance and the humiliations that we received when the Alcornconazo happened. We all remember how hard it was to walk the streets the next day or even wear our jersey without being mocked. So I really should, but being the classy lady that I am, I will reserve my joy to myself.

Hala Madrid!

Barcelona Loses but I’m Still not Happy

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Make em' cry Burrull!- via Mundo Deportivo

Yesterday Barcelona lost to Sevilla in the Copa del Rey and although pretty much most of the time to see the fall of your enemy is a treat I found myself watching and barely smirking at the score in front of me. A 1-2 defeat at the Camp Nou tangling a vicious vine around Barcelona’s chances of defending their title, and yet all I could muster was jealousy. Jealousy because although Barca lost they are in that race for that copa. Because teams like Atletico and Villarreal are fighting for the spotlight while their supporters can enjoy an extra match of football in the week. I, in the other hand must settle with watching them enjoy themselves in the victories and mourn in their defeats. Yes, Barca losing yesterday was great but it would have been better if my team would have been playing in this round of the Copa del Rey. Today Alcorcon plays and it’s just another stab at the wound to remind me that my Madrid is out, and I have to wait until the weekend for their football.

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