Pipita,we will wait for you…

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When one of our players shine and give that extra punch to win us those three points, then the crowd of the Bernabeu rises to break their hands in applause for a performance worthy of our institution. Against Getafe, Benzema continued his great start of the season with a goal and a sensational performance that justifies why we paid an arm and leg for the young French forward. The Bernabeu has fallen for Karim and rightly so. This player is different and has earned himself a spot in the starting eleven. Certainly, the boy is untouchable.

However, despite Karim having complete command of the spotlight against Getafe, for me the true moment came with the entrance of Pipita. Since his arrival to the white house, Pipita has found himself swimming against the currents, but through his hard work and dedication he has always prevailed. He has seen dark days with each management, but when the team has really needed of a killer in the box, they have found the solution in Pipita. The questioning and criticism has only fueled Pipita to prove how wrong all of them have been. He refuses to be relegated to the bench and is determined to earn back what was once his. Through a lovely backheel from Kaka (another player who is looking to find his best form), Pipita found the path to getting his confidence back. It all starts with a goal, and from there Pipita will continue to push forward. And this Madridista along with many others will continue to cheer for our lad and wait for him to reach his top form and be that player that delighted us each and every weekend. We need him as he brings to the table more than just goals. He brings heart and perseverance, and it is these traits that will assist him in challenging Benz for his spot. A task that will be more than difficult seeing how well Benzema is doing. At the end of the day, this will surely be a wonderful predicament for Mou and Madrid. With the high hopes we have for this season, we will need of both players.



‘Shutter Island’

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No, I’m not talking about the new ‘scary’ film starring Di Caprio, the island I’m referring to is way more terrifying and still brings nightmares to all of the madridismo. The island is none other than the damned island of Tenerife, where Madrid lost two league titles in a disastrous fashion. Writing this post and having to look at the images of those two dark events in our history still sends shivers down my spine. However, the positive is that this Tenerife team is a way different team from the one of two decades ago. Today, Tenerife find themselves ranked 19th on the table with a mere 20 points.  The last time the team visited Tenerife was eight years ago and los galacticos walked away with all three points with a goal from Figo and a brace by Helguera. Furthermore, since the debacle of Tenerife, los blancos have only lost twice, so Madridista’s there is no need to be a pessimist but certainly we must be cautious.

Here is a quick overview of what you need to know:

  1. Benzema and Guti will not be available. Although Guti has recovered from the groin injury, he still is not ready to go out and play. On the other hand, Benze is yet to recover and will also have to stay at Madrid. Another one who will be M.I.A is Arbeloa who is suspended.
  2. Due to the number of players that will be out, Pellegrini has called up Marcos Alonso and Pedro Mosquera. Let us hope they are given some minutes!
  3. El Mister spoke about the upcoming game and said the following:

“It would be a grave mistake to believe we’re guaranteed to take three points. I hope we concentrate hard on the match and that we respect our opponents as they deserve. We will have a tough time against Tenerife if we drop our performance level. It happened to other teams.”

In the same presser, Pellegrini praised Ronaldo and talked a bit about the differences in styles between Madrid and Barca. Plus he speaks about the criticism and insults he has recieved in his first season with Madrid. To read the entire presser, click here.

Well this concludes today’s post but I leave you my fellow Madridista’s with a sweet little nugget from 1998’s Tenerife vs Madrid game. Here is one of the best goals Roberto Carlos ever scored dressed in white (although here he is blue). Enjoy!

Real Madrid vs Espanyol: Looking Better

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Overall, cannot complain on the team’s performance as we pocketed three more points and gave a fairly good performance. I say fairly good due to the poor showing of Espanyol who visited the Bernabeu in pieces and once on the field they failed to create any chances and bored the hell out of Casillas. Amigo perico, I’m sorry for leaving your team closer to the bottom of the table. Anyway, I will highlight the positives of a easy game for Madrid. Vamos!

A spirited Kaka: After a week filled with so much negative press for Ricky it was good to see him displaying good football and scoring a much needed goal. He hadn’t scored since the match against Atleti, and on Saturday he clocked in his fourth goal and had several other chances to make it a double. He is still far from that Kaka that dazzled in Milan, but with time I am sure that he will set the Bernabeu on fire. On his official twitter account, Kaka thanked God for beating Espanyol and scoring the second goal. “My performance brings an end to all the negative speculation and lies created at the beginning of the week. Parabens, Ricky!

Granero was golden!: Yes, El Pirata was the man of the match with a killer performance. Every cross and corner he sent into the area connected with one of his teammates. Thanks to him both goals were scored and also had chances of his own to get on the score sheet, but a sensational Kameni did well to keep the score as low as possible. Marca conducted a poll asking whether Granero should continue in the starting line-up and the response was a dominating yes! I, for one, am with the more than 90% of voters who plead for his spot in the starting line-up.

Super Pipa!: Just in case there where those who had no idea in which team to choose between team Benzema or team Pipita, I think Saturday’s match put an end to such nonsense. The fans know it, Pellegrini knows, and the press knows it: it is all about team Pipita! The reaction by the fans to his return to the pitch was defening and clearly a blow to Benzema, who is still having difficulties catching up to Pipita. What Benzema could not do in 70 minutes, Pipita did in 20 with a crackling divine goal. It is good to have you back Pipita! Also thanks to not just this performance but his performance and goals throughout this first half of the season he will rightfully so get a raise in his salary supposedly nearing that of what Benzema earns. About freakin time!

Finally, the match leaves us with a few questions that deserve to be mentioned.
One, Pellegrini can finally count with a full squad of important players like Ronaldo, Lass, and Van der Vaart who are perfectly ready to go, so who gets left out as we have finally began to gel and deliver good football? Will Pellegrini continue with the current system of jugones: Guti-Granero-Kaka with Xabi being able to roam around the midfield freely, or will he return to ‘el doble pivot’ with Lass and Xabi being paired up in the middle?
Furthermore, Marca’s Enrique Ortega questions why can’t we continue with the brilliant performances of the first half into the second? There is a continuation of lackluster performances in the second period which could be because the team is relaxed because of the advantage or there is simply a drop in form. We saw it in El Riazor and many times before hand. Is it a question of physical fitness?

Anyway, the good thing is that our football is developing and as each game goes by the team looks stronger no matter what players are on the pitch. Next game away against Xerez, and then we can focus on the European stage. Crazy month ahead of us!

Benzema disappointed with his role…

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Gonzalo Higuain’s exploits as Madrid’s number one striker are casting a very dark and heavy shadow over neo galactico number three, Karim Benzema.  He came to Madrid to be our new Ronaldo, had fantastic pre season, and then the real fun starts and he barely hits the back of the net. All while Pipita with calculating eyes knows that when something is up in the air for the taking, you must jump faster and higher to take it. Eventually Pipita came off the bench to be the real savoir of this team with goals that have been more than just important in this campaign to take Barca down from that cloud they sit on. Pipita’s glorious form has pushed Benzema to the side. Of course he is bummed declaring to L’Equipe, “Yes, you can say I’m disappointed because I am. But it is something that is part of the job. Things are well, I’m at a great club and learning.”

He certainly has had the opportunity to show the crowd why so much was paid for him, but has been struck by the bright lights of the Bernabeu and monumental pressures that have been placed by that price tag,  and ultimately has not adapted to life in Madrid. He is young and it is his first time on his own so we must be patient, but not only that but he must have patience with himself as well. Those goals will come, Karim. You just have to learn when to go and grab just like Higuain did when he first arrived. In a club like this it is rare for things to be easy and free, a player must work for it.  Animo Benzema!

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