Our home will always be protected…

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“Nuestra casa siempre sera protegida del la sangre rojo y blanca.” This translates into our home will always be protected from the blood of the red and white. -My uncle

Atletico have been waiting for about ten years to conquer the grounds of the Bernabeu and if things go our way they will continue with that desire. However, despite our high stats against our neighbor one must be wary that every jinx must be broken at some point in life. Madrid have experienced this with the exorcism of Raizor this season, and so it makes me wonder when will the day come when Atleti end their curse? Could it be in this fixture?… I hope not! They may have a European spot and their pride riding on this win, but for us those three points are simply golden. Madrid just cannot allow for this to be the year were los colchoneros come out happy from the Bernabeu. No, not this year for our home is sacred and our hunger for the 32nd title is greater than their thirst to finally defeat us. Vikingos a por ellos!!!

*Guti makes the list and Gago will continue to partner up with Xabi, as Lass has failed to recover from his injury. Garay is out which means Sergio will move to the center with Marcelo taking left back. Let us wish Marcelo does not blow this for us!


This fixture’s video is truly a special one and it really couldn’t be any other way as seeing as this is a derbi. The video dates back to the 1996-1997 season where Capello’s Madrid earned their 27th league title. Madrid won 3-1 against Atletico with a beauty from Raul which reminds you that this man alone represents the greatness behind the Madrid derbi. The other goals came from Hierro with a free kick and to cap the amazing night Mijatovic would score the final goal. There are few things that come close to being as sweet as this because its not every day one wins a title by defeating a historic rival of ours. Enjoy!


Vikingo News!: Schuster won’t shut up, Lass is ready, and Madrid feels the hate.

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via Marca

When Schuster speaks all I smell is garbage and this time it was no exception. Once again looking for some attention he spoke about Madrid and had nothing nice to say. “I would have brought Villa, but there were a lot of people who did not want him to come.”  He claims that the nay sayers to a Villa move came from the team and those at the top, meaning the main honchos who run the club. When he was asked if he was referring to Raul who opposed the move, Schuster conveniently replied with, “I have a cough, can’t you see.” Ah Schuster, hasn’t your mother taught you that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all. Well, he literally pointed the finger at Raul on this issue, but also said that there were several other players who said no to Villa ‘Maravilla”s arrival, so who else could he be referring to? Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Villa spoke to Marca and made it clear that the Raul rumour is not true. He says that its  impossible to think that Raul with so much class on and off the field would go and ask the Presi to not sign him. He insist that he has always had a good relationship with Raul even if they havent played much in la seleccion.

Lass wants to convince and win titles with Madrid! Today’s presser featured one of Madrid’s latest criticized players, Lass Diarra, where he spoke on a variety of things. To start off he says that he is fully recovered and ready for the matches against Tenerife and Lyon. When asked about his teammates he assured that both he and Xabi are compatible on the midfield. “Regarding Xabi Alonso, I have no problem with playing alongside him. We understand each other. The coach decides if I must play or not.”  He ends the presser with, “My mind is only set on Real Madrid at the moment. I want to win titles with this shirt.” (Realmadrid.com)

"Yes, they hate us. They really do hate us!"

Yes, people hate us! Well at least according to Carlo Garganese from goal.com, who placed Ramon Calderon’s Real Madrid as the tenth most hated football team in history! Reasons for the hate, well why don’t I let you read the man’s words for yourself:

Hacked off Milan trying to chase Kaka, hacked off Manchester United trying to sign Cristiano Ronaldo – but eventually succeeded – hacked off Villarreal trying to sign Santi Cazorla right after hacking off Valencia trying to sign David Silva and/or David Villa, hacked off Madrid’s own fans with broken election promises of Cesc Fabregas, Kaka and Arjen Robben, but eventually got Arjen Robben, who Chelsea didn’t want anymore anyway, and then Calderon’s interim successor, Ivan Boluda went on and talked smack about walloping Liverpool in the CL, only to be walloped.

Quite a mouthful, but you get the point!

Now that’s what I call ‘quality’ reporting!  To read about the other teams who made this lovely list click the link.


Madrid vs Villarreal: A Brilliant Cris!

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After the mess in the European stage, the fingers pointed everywhere. However, the man under the heat of the spot light was el Mister. Marca on their Saturday paper had as their headline: “Pellegrini, on trial.” A bit much, no? Nonetheless, the match against Villarreal was crucial on our deflated ego after the sorry image we had offered in Lyon. Madrid needed to repair damage that had been caused and inject the madridismo with optimism that had been robbed from us simply because of one game. We needed a convincing victory… and boy did we get it.

A 6-2 victory led by none other than a sublime Ronaldo, who never looked sharper in white as he did yesterday. When he is unselfish and plays for the team, he is without a doubt unstoppable. A genius, a phenom, un crack,… well there are not enough adjectives to describe this kid when he is fired up. I break my hands in applause with a performance like the one he put on display last night.

I only had a chance to see the second half, but it is easy to say that he was the golden boy who caused the Bernabeu to party all night long. So I will not be posting my complete opinion of the game, but if you are interested in reading what happened click the link to read goal.com’s decent review of the thrashing of the yellow submarine. Nonetheless, I want to share a couple of things that caught my attention:

  1. We have one of the best players in the world and its not Ronaldo I am talking about, but my boy Pipita Higuain. After being a sub at the start of the season he has demonstrated with plenty of goals that he is made for this club. Last night he scored another double, taking his tally to 14 with two behind Lionel Messi. Madrid have put aside his contract extension until the end of the season, but with every goal he scores that contract calls to be made and signed! I am confident he will be this season pichichi!
  2. I like the associations that were demonstrated in this game. The bromantic Kaka and CR9 connection had already been confirmed at Jerez and once again their friendship shined brightly last night. However, it was good to see those sparks between Cristiano and Pipita, who when they both linked up together caused for Villarreal to split in two.
  3. Beside the bromance that I see between Kaka and Cristaino, I found Kaka to be quite sad. It was quite visible throughout the match that Kaka is feeling the pressure of everything that comes with playing with Madrid. His sadness showed with his second goal as he barely celebrated only lifting his arms to praise God. The look on his face of disappointment was evident when he saw that he was the one to be substituted. It also does not help that amongst the applause from the crowd there were jeers thrown his way. This is no way to treat one of your own. 
  4. With that said, I think it was a nice gesture of the crowd to call for Raul to take the penalty which would be moments later converted by Xabi Alonso. Raul appreciated the love as he clapped back to show his thanks.
  5. Although I am very happy with the performance against Villarreal I am still quite on the edge about Lyon. Villarreal were never really a threat to this Madrid that made the yellow defense look like water, but my problem is that with Lyon Madrid will not have it this easy. And what causes me to grow more concerned is that even with Villarreal showing a weak display of football they managed to score two goals. Our defensive flaws are still a problem and this could cost us the game in the Champions League. However, with an attack like the one Madrid demonstrated last night it makes me feel a whole lot better. Relentless and always looking forward to score the next one gives Madrid a huge advantage.

Well a great game to close the night and send a message of authoritay (in the words of South Park’s Cartman) to Lyon and of course Barcelona. On to the next… the dreaded island of Tenerife.

Vikingo News!; Raul could leave in 2011, Ramos would sign Iniesta, and Pepe’s kind words to Felipe Luis

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via AS

AS is reporting that supposedly Raul’s agent told Soccernet that his client could leave Madrid in 2011, seeing as Raul has only been in the starting line-up six times in La Liga since Pellegrini took reins as manager. As a self declared Raulista it pains me to hear such news, but part of me tells me this story ain’t all that true. So I am not too worried. Furthermore, AS continues that his agent has recognized that Raul may well end up in the Premier League, but adds that their are other options like Quatar and the U.S. This is where my bullshit radar goes up on this story because so far I have not heard anywhere of any English clubs being interested in grabbing Raul. Is this a ploy by Raul’s agent to get him to play more minutes. Is it a threat of “I am leaving ” in order for the club to give Raul the need of being important? I don’t know, but unless Raul himself comes out saying he wants to leave, then I simply will disregard this story. 

In an interview with Don Balon, Sergio Ramos spoke about how Pellegrini has found the ideal style of football for this team, his injuries, and praises the great abilities of Karim Benzema. However, what stood out in the interview was his response on who he would sign from Barcelona for Madrid. He said none other than Casper himself, Andres Iniesta. Hmm not to step out of bounds with my madridismo, but he is also my favorite player of Barcelona. Until I find an English transcript of the interview I will post up what I found on the official site and also the don balon site for the entire interview. Real Madrid (English and only parts of the interview).  And Don Balon( in spanish) 

Finally we end with the sweet words Pepe had for Felipe Luis, who suffered a horrifying injury to his knee against Atletic Bilbao.  

“I wish to send an affectionate message to Filipe Luis. Images from his injury have caused an impact on all of us. He is a player who has proved his worth nonetheless.” 

“He is a jolly person who is strong enough to get over this. He will prove to be a fighter off the pitch and we hope he recovers soon to thrill football fans with his game again. I wish to send him all my support.” 

Animo Felipe Luis!

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